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1st semester vocab

what is the most important safety rule? listen to teacher's instructions.
what is the point of safety goggles? keeping chemicals out of yes.
if the mass of a box is 200g and the volume of it is 50 cm3 what is the density? 4g/cm3
if a can has the density of 20 mL and a volume of 15 mL was is the total mass? 300g
if something breaks in the lab what do you do first?
what is a chemical change?
what is a physical change?
what are the parts of an atom?
how many parts are to the periodic table? what are they?
what are the parts to a chemical equations?
what is the net force of a balanced force? here
if you pull a box in the same direction you what to the forces?
if you pull a box in different directions you what to the forces
what is the nickname for the 1st law?
what is the nickname for the 2nd law?
what is the nickname for the 3rd law?
How ong does it take an to run down the field for a 60 yard touchdown if he runs 6 yd/sec? 10 seconds
If Chase rides her bike to school 12 miles away and it takes 30 minutes to get there, how fast did she ride her bike .4 miles/minute
Li3PO4 +NaBr-> 1 Na3PO4 + 3 LiBr balanced or unbalanced? unbalanced
3 KCIO2-> 3 KCI + 3 02 balanced or unbalanced? balanced
Created by: O0505836