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Gender Nouns

Gender Nouns (mac_t13)

actor actress
bachelor spinster
boy girl
boy scout girl guide
bridegroom bride
fiance fiancee
gentleman lady
god goddess
headmaster headmistress
hero heroine
host hostess
lad lass
brother sister
daddy mummy
father mother
grandpa grandma
husband wife
landlord landlady
male female
man woman
master mistress
monk nun
salesman salesgirl
sir madam
steward stewardess
tailor seamstress
waiter waitress
widower widow
wizard witch
nephew niece
son daughter
step-father step-mother
uncle aunt
count countess
duke duchess
emperor empress
heir heiress
his majesty her majesty
king queen
lord lady
prince princess
boar sow
billy-goat nanny-goat
buck-rabbit doe-rabbit
buck (deer) doe
bull cow
cock hen
colt filly
dog bitch
drone bee
drake duck
fox vixen
gander goose
he-bear she-bear
leopard leopardess
lion lioness
peacock peahen
ram ewe
stag hind
stallion mare
tom cat tabby cat
tiger tigress
he-wolf she-wolf
Created by: mac_t13