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An adverbs tell us how, when or where actions takes palce (mac_t13)

early earlier earliest
fast faster fastest
hard harder hardest
near nearer nearest
long loner longest
soon sooner soonest
angrily more angrily most angrily
bravely more bravely most brvely
carefully more carefully most carefully
clearly more clearly most clearly
easily more easily most easily
loudly more loudly most loudly
neatly more neatly most neatly
quickly more quickly most quickly
happily more happily most happily
sadly more sadly most sadly
merrily more merrily most merrily
bad worse worst
far farther farthest
late later latest / last
little less least
much / many more most
well better best
brave braver bravest
large larger largest
safe safer safest
simple simpler simplest
white whiter whitest
wide wider widest
wise wiser wisest
black blacker blackest
bright brighter brightest
clean cleaner cleanest
clever cleverest cleverest
cold colder coldest
dark darker darkest
deep deeper deepest
fair fairer fairest
great greater greatest
green greener greenest
hard harder hardest
high higher highest
kind kinder kindest
light lighter lightest
long longer longest
low lower lowest
narrow narrower narrowest
near nearer nearest
new newer newest
old older oldest
poor poorer poorest
proud prouder proudest
quick quicker quickest
rich richer richest
sharp sharper sharpest
short shorter shortest
slow slower slowest
small smaller smallest
smooth smoother smoothest
strong stronger strongest
sweet sweeter sweetest
tall taller tallest
thick thicker thickest
warm warmer warmest
young younger youngest
busy busier busiest
dirty dirtier dirtiest
dry drier driest
easy easier easiest
funny funnier funniest
happy happier happiest
healthy healthier healthiest
heavy heavier heaviest
lazy lazier laziest
lucky luckier luckiest
naughty naughtier naughtiest
noisy noisier noisiest
pretty prettier prettiest
tiny tinier tiniest
ugly uglier ugliest
wealthy wealthier wealthiest
big bigger biggest
fat fatter fattest
hot hotter hottest
mad madder maddest
red redder reddest
sad sadder saddest
thin thinner thinnest
wet wetter wettest
good better best
Created by: mac_t13