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Occupations (mac_t13)

artist draws, paints or makes sculptures 艺术家
artiste sings, dance or acts in public
astronaut travels to space 宇航员
author writes books 作者
barber cuts his customers' hair 理发师
bellboy works in a hotel and carries the guests' luggage 服务生
blacksmith makes things out of iron 铁匠
butcher kills animals, cuts them up and sells the meat 屠夫
carpenter makes things out of wood 木匠
chef cooks in a restaurant 厨师
cobbler mends shoes 皮匠
curator is in charge of a museum or art gallery 馆长
dentist examines and treats people's teeth 牙科医生
doctor treats people who are ill 医生
explorer makes journeys of discovery 探险者
farmer worms on a farm 农民
fishmonger sells fish 鱼贩
florist sells fruit 花商
fruiterer sells fruit 水果店
grocer sells dried food, preserved food and other household products 杂货店
hawker sells food or goods in the streets or at food centres 小贩
invigilator watches over people taking examinations to prevent cheating 监考官
ironmonger deals in iron and other metal goods
journalist writes articles for newspapers or magazines 记者
lawyer defends people in a court of law 律师
librarian is in charge of alibrary 图书管理员
magician is an entertainer who performs magic tricks 魔术师
mechanic repairs motor vehicles and machines 机械师
newsagent sells newspapers 报摊
plumber repairs pipes and fixtures in buildings 水管工人
policeman maintains law and order 警察
porter carries travellers' bags at airports, railway stations and hotels 搬运工
postman delivers letters and parcels 邮差
principal is in charge of a school 校长
referee is a judge of a game 裁判
reporter writes about events for a newspaper, radio or television 记者
sailor works on a ship 海员
shepherd looks after sheep 牧羊人
soldier serves in an army 军人
surgeon performs operations in a hospital 外科医生
tailor makes clothes 裁缝
teacher teaches pupils 老师
undertaker manages funerals 殡仪馆
veterinarian treats sick animals 兽医
waiter / waitress serves food and drinks in a restaurant 服务生
warden guards the prisons 狱卒
zoologist is an expert in animals and their behaviour 动物学家
zookeeper looks after animals in a zoo 动物园管理员
architect draws the designs of buildings 建筑师
Created by: mac_t13