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Places (mac_t13)

apiary where bees are kept 养蜂场
aquarium where fish and other marine animals are kept and reared or exhibited 水族馆
auditorium where people go to see plays or listen to music, lectures 礼堂
aviary where birds are kept 鸟舍
abattoir where animals are alaughtered 屠宰场
arsenal where weapons and explosives are made and stored 军火库
art gallery where art works are exhibited 艺术画廊
bakery where bread and cakes are made 面包店
barn a farm building where crops and food for animals are stored or for keeping animals in
barracks where soldiers live 兵营
church where Christians worship 教堂
cinema where films are shown 电影院
creche where young children are looked after while their parents are at work
den home of the lions
dock where ships are built or repaired. 码头
factory where things are made 工厂
garage where cars are kept or repaired 车库
gymnasium a special hall that has equipment for physical exercise 体育馆
hangar where aeroplanes are kept and repaired 机库
hospital where sick people are treated 医院
hotel where travellers may stay for the night 旅馆
igloo the house of an Eskimo 雪屋
incinerator where rubbish is burnt 焚烧炉
jail where prisoners are locked upo 监狱
kennel a house built for a dog 狗屋
laundry where clothes are washed and ironed 洗衣店
library where books are kept for public reading 图书馆
market where meat and vegetables are sold 市场
mint where coins are made
mosque where Muslims worship 回教堂
museum where historical things of value are exhibited 博物馆
orchard where fruit trees are grown 果园
orphanage a house for orphans 孤儿院
pound where stray animals are kept
quay where boats are loaded and unloaded
restaurant where people may buy food and drinks 餐厅
reservoir where water is collected and stored
sty where pigs are kept
stable a house for a horse 马厩 马厩
theatre a hall where plays are acted on stage 剧院
vineyard a piece of land planted with grapevines for wine production 葡萄园
zoo where animals are kept and exhibited 动物园
Created by: mac_t13