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word that means the opposite to another word (mac_t13)

absent present
accept reject
add subtract
adult child
alive dead
all none
answer question
asleep awake
arrive depart
attack defend
above below
beautiful ugly
bad good
before after
begin end
bent straight
better worse
big small
black white
back front
blunt sharp
bold timid
borrow lend
bright dark / dull
broad narrow
buy sell
cheap expensive
clean dirty
clever stupid
coarse fine
come go
common rare
cool warm
cry laugh
dangerous safe
dark bright
dead alive
deep shallow
die live
divide multiply
dry wet
easy difficult
empty full
fair dark
false true
famous unknown
fat thin / slim
fertile barren
few many
find lose
finish start
first last
foolish wise
forget remember
frest stale
full empty
generous selfish
give take
good bad
happy sad
hard soft
hide show
high low
hot cold
humble proud
increase decrease
join separate
joy sorrow
junior senior
kind cruel
lazy hardwarking
land water
lead follow
light heavy
long short
lost found
loud soft
love hate
most least
more less
neat untidy
never always
new old
noisy quiet
obey command
open close
pass fail
peace war
polite rude
quick slow
rich poor
right wrong
rise fall
rough smooth
smile frown
sober drunk
strong weak
success failure
sweet bitter
talk listen
tall short
teach learn
these those
thick thin
this that
tight loose
tiny huge
true false
victory defeat
wide narrow
wild tame
win lose
wise foolish
work rest
actor audience
author reader
competitors spectators
doctor patient
driver passenger
employer employee
everybody nobody
father son
friend enemy, foe
giant dwarf
guardian ward
hero coward
host guest
leader follower
male female
master servant
miser spendthrift
motorist pedestrian
mother daughter
parent child
policeman thief
shopkeeper customer
speaker listener
teacher pupil
young old
east west
ebtrabce exit
far near
forward backward
here there
in out
inside outside
left right
north south
nowhere somewhere
over under
top bottom
up down
upper lower
before after
day night
dawn dusk
early late
ever never
morning evening
now then
often seldom
present past
summer winter
Created by: mac_t13