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Sounds the same but different in spelling and meaning (mac_t13)

air heir
aloud allowed
ate eight
bare bear
bean been
blew blue
board boared
boy buoy
brake break
buy by, bye
cent sent, scent
cheap cheep
coarse course
crews cruise
dear deer
die dye
fair fare
flea flee
fool full
foul fowl
four fore
grown groan
hair hare
hall heel
hear here
higher hire
him hymn
hole whole
hour our
key quay
knew new
knight night
knot not
loan lone
made maid
mail male
main mane
meat meet
muscle mussel
none nun
pail pale
pain pane
pair pear
pause paws
peace piece
principal principle
ring wring
road rode
root route
rose rows
sail sale
sea see
sell cell
sew so, sow
sight site
sole soul
son sun
soot suit
stair stare
stationary stationery
tail tale
their there
throne thrown
too to, two
vain vein
waist waste
wait weight
weak week
won one
wood would
write right
you ewe
Created by: mac_t13