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same meaning or nearly the same meaning (mac_t13)

affectionate loving
aid help
ally friend
ancient old
annually yearly
attire clothes
assemble gather
astonish surprise
bad evil
beautiful attractive
begin start
behaviour conduct
beverages drinks
blank empty
big large
bottom base
bright shining
brief short
broad wide
cautious careful
cease stop
centre middle
choose select
clever intelligent
close near
coarse rough
comprehand understand
conceal hide
conclude end
constable policeman
conversation talk
courage bravery
courteous polite
cunning sly
daring brave
dangerous risky
dear expensive
deceive cheat
decrease reduce
demonstrate show
difficult hard
disease sickness
eager keen
earn gain
educate teach
emperor king
enemy foe
enormous huge
fall drop
famous well-known
fatal deadly
fault error
feeble weak
fight battle
gather collect
gay cheerful
glance look
habit custom
halt stop
help assist
heroic brave
home reidence
imitate copy
inquire ask
intention purpose
interior inside
join unite
large huge
lean thin
loyal true
mad angry / crazy
margin border
maximum most
minmum least
modern new
moist damp
narrate tell
obey respect
odour smell
often frequent
option choice
peculiar strange
profit gain
powerful strong
protect guard
purchase buy
quantity amount
quiet silent
rank position
rapid quick
remedy cure
remember recollect
reluctant unwilling
reveal show
rich wealthy
roam wander
robust strong
sadness sorrow
safe secure
slender sim
small little
smell scent
squander waste
stern stick
stern strick
stubborn obstinate
summit top
thief burglar
tiny small
trust believe
vacant empty
Created by: mac_t13