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T5 ID Crimes

Theft or misues of personal or financial identifiers in order to gain something of value and/or facilitate other criminal activity Identity crime
Identify types of crimes associated with Identity crimes Robbery, Computer intrusion, Mail theft, Dumpster diving, Theft of docs from businesses, med facilities, hotels
List personal identifiers Name, DOB, SSN, Address, Phone, DL, Passport #, Mother's Maiden Name, Pet Name, First grade teacher, St grew up on
List financial identifiers CC#, Bank acct #, PINs, Insurance account #s
Identify current trends associated with identity crimes Technology, Listening to cell convos, reading faxes, emails, hacking into PCs, Phone/email scams, Online shopping & banking
Identify how ID crimes occurs Steals wallet/purse/briefcase/mail with ID stuff in it. They fill out change of add. Dumpster diving. Posing as landlord/emplyr who needs info. In home. Hacking. Business Record Theft (stealing files from offices or bribing emp). Shoulder surfing. Spoofin
Identify techniques used to procure false identification Thieves learn from books, internet, gun shows
Identify fed statutes dealing with Identity crimes Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act
Identify state statutes dealing with identity crimes Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information (SJF)
A notice placed on a consumer file that alerts recipient of consumer report involving that consumer file that consumer's identity may have been used wo consumer's consent to fraudulently obtain goods or services in consumer's name Security Alert
A notice placed on consumer file that prohibits consumer reporting agency from releasing consumer report relating to extension of credit involving that consumer file wo express authorization of the consumer Security Freeze
List info needed to an ID Crime Offense Report Type of incident occurred, Organize investigative case, Where evidence might be found, How ID theft occurred, What fin institute need to be contacted
Identify governmental and bus entities that are notified in identity crimes FBI, US Sec Serv, Postal, SSA, FTC, DPS, Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, Financial Institutions, Utility companies
When is the FBI notified When bank, government, or insurance fraud involving losses > $100k
When is the US Secret Service notified When there's custody arrest with identify crime or identity takeover. Seizure or recovery of any amt of equipment, counterfeit docs/ccs
Valuable resources provided by FTC Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse, Consumer Sentinel
What is the DPS responsible for Issuance of DL and ID cards, along w storage and expunction of criminal records
Why would the victim need to contact Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies To put a "Fraud alert" placed on their credit reports so that it will show up on their credit report when companies make inquiries about the credit and may stop addtl fraud
Identify techniques for educating victims and public on identity crime Public Service Announcements, Community Policing involvement, Internet
List guidelines for personal protection against ID crime Do not give out pers info over phone or internet. Limit amt of pers info on checks. Check credit hx and bank records freq. Keep detailed records. Destroy carbon copies. Shred or completely destroy.
List steps to take if ID crime occurs Call police. Notify creditors, businesses, banks, credit reporting agencies. Check SSA.
Created by: elizabeth-mcw
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