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Compare 2 things with simiar qualities (mac_t13)

Animals / People / Things
as agile as a monkey
as blind as a bat
as brave as a lion
as busy as an ant / bee
as crafty / cunning as a fox
as fast / swift as a deer
as fat as a pig
as fierce as a lion
as gentle as a lamb / dove
as graceful as a swan
as greedy as a pig
as hairy as a gorilla
as happy as an elephant
as hungry as a wolf / bear
as playful as a puppy
as poor as a church mouse
as proud as a peacock
as quiet as a mouse
as slippery as an eel
as slow as a snail / tortoise
as strong as an ox
as stubborn as a mule / donkey
as timid as a mouse
as wise as an owl
as happy as a king
as helpless as a baby
as kind as a month
as mad as a hatter
as strong as Hercules / Samson
as tall as a giant
as wise as Solomon
as alike as two peas
as bitter as medicine
as black as coal / soot
as brown as a berry
as clear as glass / a bell
as cold as ice
as cool as a cucumber
as countless as the stars
as dry as a bone
as easy as ABC
as fat as butter
as fit as a fiddle
as flat as a pancake
as fresh as paint / a daisy
as good as gold
as green as grass
as hard as iron / nails / rocks
as hot as fire
as light as a feather
as loud as thunder
as old as the hills
as pale as death
as quick as lightning
as regular as the clock
as round as a ball
as sharp as a razor / needle
as sour as vinegar
as straight as an arrow
as sweet as honey
as tough as leather
as warm as wool
as white as snow
Created by: mac_t13