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Idiom meaning (mac_t13)

air build castles in the air day dream
bad a bad egg a bad person
ball keep the ball rolling keep things going on
beat beat around(about) the bush talk about a thing in an indirect manner
behind talk behind one's back talk about a person without him knowing
black put it in black and white put it in writing
book a bookworm a great reader
bucket to kick the bucket to die
carry carry on continue
cat let the cat out of the bag let out the secret
chicken chicken-hearted timid or cowardly
coat cut your cat according to your cloth spend only what you can afford
cock a cock and bull story an unbelievable story
colour pass with flying colours do very well in a test
crocodile shed crocodile tears insincere expression of sorrow
dead dead broke no money
down ups and downs good times and bad times
elephant a white elephant a useless object which is expensive to upkeep
eleven at the eleventh hour at the last moment
eye an eye for an eye to return evil for evil
eye keep an eye on watch or supervise carefully
eye see eye to eye agree entirely
feet stand on one's own feet be independent
fence sit on the fence take no sides in a debate or quarrel.
finger at one's finger tips know thoroughly
foot foot the bill pay the bill
foot put one's foot down put a stop to something
foot put your foot in your mouth say something without thinking
fire play with fire do a thing which may be dangerous
good a good-for-nothing a useless person
goat be a scapegoat get blamed for other people's mistakes
green to have green eyes to be jealous
hand live from hand to mouth with enough money to live from day to day only
hard hard and fast rule very strict rule
hard hard of hearing quite deaf
hat pass the hat round ask for donation from people around
heels take to one's heels flee or run away
ice break the ice to be the first to star a conversation
leaf turn over a new leaf change one's conduct or behaviour for the better
light see the light understand
line read between the lines find the hidden meaning
lion the lion's share the best or largest part
long in the long run over a long period of time
moon once in a blue moon very seldom
music face the music take the scolding or consequences
nose pay through one's nose pay too high a price
play child's play very easy to do
point come to the point speak briefly and directly
question out of the question not possible or not allowed
rain rain cats and dogs rain heavily
rat smell a rat suspect something
red caught red handed caught while committing a crime
roses a bed of roses a comfortable life
see see red be very angry
seed sow the seed plant the idea
shave a close shave a narrow escape
shoulder give a person a cold shoulder a deliberately ignore somesome
skin save one's skin to escape from a serious danger
socks pull up one's socks improve in what one is doing
time in the nick of time just in time
tongue hold one's tongue not to speak
tooth have a sweet tooth like sweet food
trumpet blow one's trumpet boast about oneself
water get into hot water get into trouble
arm receive with open arms to welcome heartily
Created by: mac_t13