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T5 Emerg Comm

Any communication requesting a response to an emergency Emergency Communication
Various services provided in public safety LE, Fire, EMS, Emerg Management Services, 911, Warning/Info services
Radio Communication Terms 911/Pub Safe Ans Point (PSAP), Telecommunicator, Radio Chan, Repeater, Squelch, Base Station, Computer Aided Disp (CAD), Mobile Data Compu (MDC), Skip (Interfere), Interop, Dept of Homeland Sec (DHS), FEMA
Precise communication consists of Broadcasts, Urgent Sit, Addressing, Times, Physical Descr, Veh Descr, Weapon Types, Local Radio Traffic Standards
Standardized order of submission of information for Physical descriptions over radio: Name, Sex, Race, DOB, Ht, Wt, Hair/Eye color, Skin, Physical imperfections, Clothing
Standardized order of submission of information for Vehicle descriptions over radio: CYMBAL - Color, Year, Make, Body, and License plate
Standardized order of submission of information for Weapon Types over radio: Firearm, Knife, Knuckles. "Weapon implied but not displayed" = weapon under shirt.
Identify FCC Rules & Regs that govern operation of communications systems in pub safety Gen Operating Requirements, Permissible Communications, Prohibited Communications, Points of Communications.
Fed and State law governing operation of the natl & state telecommunications systems as they apply to PO NLETS Regulations, TLETS Regulations (store & fwd msg brokering sys that ensures safe del of content being transmitted throughout system), Release of Info, Exceptions, Penalties
Phonetic Alphabet (A-G) Adam, Boy, Charles, David, Edward, Frank, George
Phonetic Alphabet (H-P) Henry, Ida, John, King, Lincoln, Mary, Nora, Ocean, Paul
Phonetic Alphabet (Q-Z) Queen, Robert, Same, Tom, Union, Victor, Williams, XRay, Young, Zebra
Basic skills of an effective radio communicator Proper voice projection, Clarity, Rate of speech, Calmness/Control/Alertness, Proper microphone position, Dev speech patterns that avoid words that make diff to understance
When should an officer not transmit over the radio When advised to stand by, Emergency situations or In progress calls, Msgs having no bearing on unit's availability, Lengthy msgs
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