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2nd Semester Greek

Vocab for Greek II

άμαρτανω I Sin
βοὺλομαι I Wish, I want
διὼκω I persecute, I persue
έργαζομαι I work, I do
κὰθημαι I sit,live, stay
λογιζομαι I reckon, I consider
μὴ not, Negative
ύπαρχω I am, I exist
ών ουσα ον Present participle of ειμι
καθιζω I sit
μὴτηρ μητρος Mother
παραλινομαι I come, I arrive
πατὴρ πατρος Father
ποὺς ποδος Foot
σαββατον Sabbath
συναγωγὴ Synagogue
χεὶρ χεὶρος Hand
άγιὰζω I sanctify, Consecrate
γνωπιζω I make known, Reveal
εύαγγὲλιον Good news, Gospel
θὺρα Door
κτὶζω I create
τυφλος Blind person
φυλακὴ Prison, Guard, Watch
χαρὶζομαι Ι graciously give, I forgive
χὰρις Grace, Favor
άγαπὰω I love
αίτὲω I ask
ακολουθὲω I follow
γεννὰω I begat, I bear
έαυτου Himself, Herself
ζὰω I live
ζητὲω I seek
καλὲω I call, I invite
λαλὲω I speak
όρὰω I see
παρακαλεω I exhort, I encourage
πας πασα παν All, Every, Entire, Whole
περιπατὲω I walk, I live
πληρὸω I fill, I make full
ποιὲω Ι do, I make
σεαυτοῦ Of your self
θταυρὸω I crucify
φοβὲομαι I fear.
αλληλων OF each other, Of one another
δοκὲω I think, seem, seem good
ὲκστος Each, Every
ὲμοσ ὲμη ὲμον Mine
ύμὲτερος Your (pl)
έντολὴ Commandment
ήμὲτερος Our
όπου Where, Whither
πεσοῦμαι I will Fall
προσκυνὲω I worship
πυρ πυρος Fire
σος ση σον your (sg)
σπεὶρω I sow seeds
τηπὲω I keep, I observe, I obey
ύδωρ ύδατος Water
φῶσ φωτὸσ Light
γραφή writing
ὰν Adds contingency -ever
ὰγοράζω I buy, I redeem
ὲάν if
ὶνα So that, In order that
κὼμν Village
μηδὲ and not, not even
μηκὲτι No longer
όπως In order that, that
όταν Whenever
ότε When
ούκὲτι No longer
ώς How, that, about
άγαπητος Beloved
ὰρχη Beginning, ruler
γλώσσα Tongue, Language
είναι To be
έξεστι(ν) It is lawful
θεωρὲω I look, I behold
κελεύω I command
μαρτυρὲω I witness, Bear witness, Testify
παιδῖον Infant, young child
παραβολη Parable
πρὸ Before
σοφὶα Wisdom
ώστε So that
άληθης Τrue
άρχιερεὺς Chief Priest
άσθενὴς Weak, Sick
βασιλεὺς King
γὲνος Race, People, Kind
γραμματεὺς Scribe
δύναμις Power, Strength
έθνος Nations, Gentiles
ίερευς Priest
κρὶσις Judgment
όρος Mountain
πὶστις Faith, Belief
πλὴρης Full
πὸλις City
τὲλος End
άγρὸς Field, Country
αὶὼνιος Eternal
έλεὲω I have mercy on, Pity
έπερωτὰω I ask, Question
ὲρωτὰω I ask, Question
καρπὸς Fruit
κρατὲω I seize, Grasp, Hold
μετανοὲω I repent
οὺς ώτος Ear
ὺπὰγω I go away
χαὶρω I rejoice
ώδε Here
ὲλπις Hope
έξω Outside
καθὼς As, Even as, Just As
θυγὰτηρ Daughter
οὶδα I know, I understand
ός ή ό Who, Which
όσος As great as, As many as.
όστις Whoever, Whichever, Whatever.
ποῦ Where
τὶς τὶ Who, Which, What, Why
τισ τι Someone, something, a certain thing
εὺθυς At once, Immediately
δὶδωμι I give, I grant
άποδὶδωμι I give Back, I reward
έτος Year
μὲγας Large, Great
παραδιδωμι I hand over, I betray
πολὺς πολλλη Much, Many
πρεσβὺτερος Elder, Older
χαρὰ Joy, Delight
χρὸνος Time
άπὸλλυμι I destroy, I lose
άφὶημι I let go, I forgive
δεὶκνυμι I show, I point out, I explain.
εὶς μὶα έν ONE
έπιτὶθημι I place upon you, I lay upon you
λοιπὸς The Remaining, The Rest, The Others
μηδεὶς μηδὲν No one, Nothing, No
οὺδεὶς οὺδεμια οὺδεν No one, Nothing, No
προστὶθημι I add, I increase, I Continue
τὶθημι I place, I put, I appoint
άνὶστημι I arise, I cause to rise
δὲκα TEN
δὺο TWO
δωδεκα 12
έπιγινὼσκω I recognize, I understand, I perceive
έπτὰ SEVEN
ίστημι I stand, I stand firm
πὲντε 5
τὲσσαρες 4
τρεὶς 3
φημὶ I say
διὸ Therefore, For this reason.
έμπροσθεν Before, In front
ένωπιον Before, In the sight, In the presence
έπαγγελὶα Promise
ίσχυρὸς Strong, Mighty
κρεὶσσων Better
μακὰριος Blessed, Happy
μὰλλον More, Rather
μεὶζων Greater
μὸνος Only, Alone
οίχὶ Not
πλεὶων More, Larger
άχρι άχρις As far as, Upto
δεξιὸς Right
καιρὸς Time, Season
μὲσος Middle, Midst
όμοιος Like, Similar
σωτηρὶα Salvation
τοιοῦτος Such
φανερὸω I make known, reveal
φὸβος Fear
χρεὶα Need, Necessity, Lack
Created by: RandyBradley