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literary devices


acquires to come into possession or owner ship of and get as ones own.
advises to give council too, to recommend as desirable.
artificial made by human skill or not natural.
contribution the act of contributing or a payment.
cower to crouch as in fear or shame.
dignified characterized by self of steam in aspect or maker stately.
experimental pertaining to divide from or founded on experiment.
impaired weakened, diminished or damage functioning poorly or inadequately.
invariably in every occasion always.
justified to show, be just or right to defend or a pulled as well grounded.
laboratory a building, apart of a building or other place quick to adduct scientific investigations.
marooned to a banded or leave with resources.
obscure out of right hidden or indistinctive.
opportunist one who is opportunistic.
petition a formally drawin request, usually to a person of authority.
sensation a state of exciting feeling or intrust caused of a member of community cause by some rumor.
stimulus something that insights action, or quicken action feeling or thought.
tangible real or actual or real as in visionary.
technique systematic procedures or to complet a task.
unconscious not conscious with awareness
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