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final exam review


what is the function of the nervous system? responding & adjusting to changes in its environment
what is the function of the skeletal system? shapes & supports the body, protects movement, internal organs, make rbc, store minerals
what is the function of the respiratory system? transfer O2 to the circulatory system, remove co2 waste
what is the function of the digestive system? break down food into glucose & other nutrients
what is the function of the integumentary system? protection, sensory response, rid body of waste, regulate body temp, vitamin D
what is the function of the circulatory system? carry oxygen,nutrients and waste to and away from the cells
what is the function of the urinary system? filter blood and rid the body of toxins
what is the function of the excretory system? remove waste from the body
what is the function of the reproductive system? ensure the survival of the species
what is the structure of the nervous system? brain, spinal cord, nerves
what is the structure of the skeletal system? bones, joints, tendons, ligaments
what is the structure of the respiratory system? lungs,trachea,mouth, nose,alveoli
what is the structure of the digestive system? mouth, esophagus,large intestine,small intestine, stomache, rectum, anus
what is the structure of the integumentary system? skin, hair, nails, sweat and oil glands
what is the structure of the circulatory system? heart, veins, arteries,cappillaries, capillaries, rbc, wbc
what is the structure of the urinary system? kidneys, bladder, wrethra
what is the structure of the excretory system? resp,integ,digestive,urinary
what is the structure of the reproductive system? ovary, uterus, cervix,fallopian tubes, testes,vas deferns, prostate gland
Function of cell wall provide structure and support
function of cell membrane to contoll what enters and leaves the cell
function of vacuole store water and other fluids
integumentary literally means covering
Cell theory is All living things are made of cells Cells are the basic unit in living things All cells come from existing cells
what must be present in the digestive system for a chemical change to occur enzymes/stomach acid
when the pancreas is not working properly what can happen a person can develop diabetes, pancreas breaks down sugars too slowly or too quickly
the integumentary and the nervous system work how The nervous system sends messages when the skin has been injured
How do the digestive and circulatory system work together process and deliver nutrients to the cells of the body
how do the skeletal and muscle systems work together provide a framework that allows for movement and support
where does chemical digestion happen? in the mouth and stomach
the levels of organization in living things cell, tissue, organ, organ system,organism
organelles are the different parts in a cell, each individual structure in a plant cell or an animal cell
work is being done when a force is applied in a particular direction
when the thyroid is not functioning properly what can happen it can affect a persons energy level, metabolism
the thyroid is located in the throat area
metabolism is the chemical process that occur in a living organism maintain life
organic compounds are made up of carbon hydrogen oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur, nitrogen
what can happen when a larger compound breaks down into smaller compound a chemical change occurs, heat is produced, in digestion the organisms obtain energy
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