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compact a formal agreement or contract
mal evil
courageous being brave in he face of danger or pain
concieted full of one's self :proud or arrogant
attitude one's feelings or opinion about a subject
exploits adventurous or heroic accomplishments
metro measure
descendant someone who is related to specific ancestor
modest one who is reserved and not showy
concentrate to focus one's attention on a specific task
compact to press together to make smaller
ice charecterized by
careless not paying enough attention to avoid making mistakes
egotistical self centered
attribute the positive characteristics or components of a subject
service a meeting for religious purposes
per fully
warden the person in charge of a prison
gaunt one who is thin and weak
cycle events which happen over and over again in the same order
charge to demand payment for something purchased or used
ify make
university a collection of colleges on one campus
similiar having like qualities
dimension the length height width or dept of something
drill to practice over and over again
dox correct thinking
arrogance extreme pride
charitable kind and willing to help others
code the written rules of condut
service an act which others benefit from
jur law
penitentiary a state or federal prison
emaciated sickly and extremely thin
contrast to show how 2 or more thing are different
charge to make a specific accusation of wrongdoing
mort death
professor teacher at a college or university
distinctive unique ,standing out from the rest
debate to discuss or argue the important points of a topic
drill to bore a hole into a hard material
ortho straight
self esteem how people value themselves
miserly hoarding money or valuables spending less as possible
civil behaving appropriately in social situations
uous full of
desert a dry land with little vegetatation
character someone's personal qualities
industrious one who works very hard
communicate to share verbally or nonverbally communicate
desert to leave one's responsibilities
vir man
patience the ability to endure calmly without complaint
lethargic one who acts tired and slow and lazy
commit to perform an action or promise
exploits to take advantage of a situation or person
polis city
relative a family member by blood or marriage
confer to discuss and share opinions or knowledge
humble awareness of one's own faults and limitation
bluff to mislead or trick to gain advantage
mut ant
manure animal dung used to prepare soil for growing crops
disabled having a limiting challenge mental or physical condition
domestic related to things or activities found in home
bluff a steep hill with a flat top
ant one who does
fertilize adding nutrients to make soil to grow better cropps
handicapped having a limited mental or physical condition
emerge to come out of or appear
pupils students
matri mother
veil a thin piece of fabric used to cover the face
assertive willing to stand up for one's point of view
ethnic relating to one's heritage or culture
pupils the dark circles in the center of the eys's iris
mony the function of
obscure to hide or keep from being seen
aggressive pushing one's point of view in a hostile confrantational matter
grant to give something or allow something to happen
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