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final review

Post modern a trend that combines traditional and contemporary influences
Gable roof Cape Ann basic roof style
Cape Cod one of the earliest and best known of the traditional Eastern styles
A special feature of the Southern Colonial is... columns and a giant portico
Adjustable triangles allow the drafter to... draw a line at any angle
What is the scale if the drawing is half as large as the object scale= 1/2
what is the dimensions of a C sized sheet of paper? 18"x24"
The top view of a mechanical drawing is similar to what? The roof plan of a house
Half scale 1'=1/2" (one foot = half an inch)
Pen Plotter best for high quality CAD line drawings
Electrostatic Plotter most versatile plotter
What is the most important use for CAD? Store symbol library
What is a disadvantage of CAD? It can't be used easily in the feild
Maximum length of work triangle 22'
What is the purpose of the foyer? to greet guests, clean shoes, and must be functional
3 areas of the house sleeping, service, living
What size dining room is considered large? 16'x20'
What determines if a bathroom is functional? the arrangement of fixtures
Space taken up by the living area 1/3
Minimum depth of a closet 2 feet
normal width of an entry door 3 feet
What size dining room is considered small? 10'x10' or 120sqin
What is used to lay out subdivisions? Site planning and mapping
Plot plan shows... shows location of house on a piece of land, elevation of the land, utilities, topographical features
Surveyor collects info for... Plot Plans
Footing spreads the weight of the building
Control point determines... depth of excavation and foundation wall height
What are bricks made of? mostly clay
Basement wall thickness depends on... lateral earth pressure and vertical load to be supported
concrete slabs are places on compacted sand __ to __ inches thick 4 to 6 inches
a split level looks like a ____ in front and a ____ from the back ranch/two-level
Foundation walls are from the first floor to the footing
What is used for outdoor nails? silicon bronze, copper, hot dipped zinc coated steel
Where are basements popular? in areas where space is crowded and sites are small
What scale ore foundation plans usually drawn on? 1'=1/4"
Batter boards used to show exact location of a proposed house foundation
Foundation wall is __ inches thick 8 inches
Footing is __ inches wide 16 inches
Interior doors: sliding, double action, pocket
Dutch door has an upper and lower half
what should be done before purchasing a house? a title search, to check for legal problems
Casement window opened/closed by using a crank or push- bar frame
A ____ door is used when there is a wide opening to an exterior wall sliding door
how wide are exterior doors usually? 3 feet
Bearing walls solid walls the support themselves
Standard height for exterior and interior doors 6'8"
French sliding doors have ____ panels glass
usual plat plan scale 1"=30'
property lines define the... site boundaries
special purpose rooms are not required on a floor plan
Main stairs are typically made of... oak, maple, or birch
Spiral stairs are typically made of... steel
What determines the functionality of a plan? traffic circulation
What design is meant for a hilly lot? split level
most economical roof to build flat roof
A shed roof is similar to a flat roof, except it has more... pitch
most popular type of roof material asphalt
How many landings does an L shaped staircase have? at least 1
Dormers provide additional light and ventilation for one and one-half story houses
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