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science semester


List the steps in the Science Method Observe, Plan, Data, Hypothesis, Conclusion, next steps
Give 2 reasons why science use the Scientific Method solve problems and answer
What's another word for a hand lens magnifying glass
Are the observation charasisticks of an object observation
Are pieces of information Hpothesis
Places where you find information Resources
True information Facts
See objects as they reflect back into your eyes Light
Is the shape of a lens that curved outward Concave
Is curved inward Convex
Magnification is directly related to to how curved the is Lens
Given a flat piece of glass or a curved piece of glass Curved
Who envented the single lens microscope Anton Levon Hoek
What is the field of view as seen through a microscope More or less
What happens to the field of view as power is increased increases
What is the part of the microscope that you see through Eyepiece
What part do you put your specim on the microscope Stage
Who is created with improving the compound microscope Robert Hooke
What cell part do plants have that animal cells have Chloraplast Cell Wall
What is the smallest living body part Cell
In which cell part surrounds the cell Membrane
What cell part contains the chromosomes Nucleus
Created by: cramsey.pv