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Latin Level 1 & 2

VMA Latin for the New Millennium Level 1 Chap. 16, Level 2 Chap. 1-4

avunculus, avunculi m. uncle
caelum, caeli n. sky
causa, causae f. cause
cinis, cineris m. ash
clades, cladis f. disaster
classis, classis f. fleet
femina, feminae f. woman
fumus, fumi m. smoke
incendium, incendii n. eruption
litus, litoris n. shore
mater, matris f. mother
mons, montis m. mountain
navis, navis f. ship
nubes, nubis f. cloud
pars, partis f. part
funestus, funesta, funestum deadly
lego, legere, legi, lectum to read
opprimo, opprimere, oppressi, oppressum to overwhelm
studeo, studere, studui, -- + dative to study
numquam never
igitur therefore
cornu, cornus n. horn
domus, domus f. house
imperator, imperatoris m. emperor
impetus, impetus m. impetus
initum, initii n. beginning
iussus, iussus m. order
locus, loci m. place
manus, manus f. hand
murus, muri m. wall
tumultus, tumultus m. uproar
ventus, venti m. wind
alo, alere, alui, altum to feed
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissum to lose
corripio, corripere, corripui, correptum to seize
curro, currere, cucurri, cursum to run
devasto, devastare, devastavi, devastatum to devastate
exstinguo, exstinguere, exstinxi, exstinctum to extinguish
iacio, iacere, ieci, iactum to throw
tempto, temptare, temptavi, temptatum to try
facile easily
sine + ablative without
dea, deae f. goddess
dies, diei m. day
facies, faciei f. face
fatum, fati n. fate
maritus, martiti m. husband
meridies, meridiei m. midday
pater, patris m. father
res, rei f. thing
somnus, somni m. sleep
uxor, uxoris f. wife
colo, colere, colui, cultum to worship
dormio, dormire, dormivi, dormitum to sleep
duco, ducere, duxi, ductum to lead
excito, excitare, excitavi, excitatum to awaken
exclamo, exclamare, exclamavi, exclamatum to exclaim
occulto, occultare, occultavi, occultatum to hide
quaero, quaerare, quaesivi, quaesitum to look for
ita so
multum much
tam so
post + accusative after
si if
barba, barbae, (f.) beard
carō, carnis, (f.) meat, flesh
herba, herbae, (f.) plant, vegetation
pellis, pellis, (f.) skin, hide
proelium, proeliī, (n.) battle, combat
vestīmentum, vestīmentī, (n.) garment, (pl.) clothes
vulnus, vulneris, (n.) wound
hic, haec, hoc this
ferōx, ferōcis fierce, ferocious
terribilis,terribile terrifying
coquō, coquere, coxī, coctum to cook
crēscō, crēscere, crēvī to grow
sānō, sānāre, sānāvī, sānātum to heal
sedeō, sedere, sēdī, sessum to sit
terō, terere, trīvī, trītum to wear out, to rub
vīvō, vīvere, vīxī, vīctum to live
vulnerō, vulnerāre, vulnerāvī, vulnerātum to wound
celeriter swiftly
forīs outside, in the open
adulēscēns, adulēscentis, (m./f.) young man, young lady
cor, cordis, (n.) heart
fūr, fūris, (m.) thief
fūrtum, fūrtī, (n.) theft
inīquitās, inīquitātis, (f.) injustice, mischief
lēx, lēgis, (f.) law
pōmum, pōmī, (n.) fruit
ille, illa, illud that
aequus, aequa, aequum; (aequo animo) even; (indifferently)
dīvīnus, dīvīna, dīvīnum divine
hūmānus, hūmāna, hūmānum human
pauper, pauperis poor
plēnus (+genitive or + ablative) full of
abundō, abundāre, abundāvī, abundātum (+ablative) to abound with
dēlectō, dēlectāre, dēlectāvī, dēlectātum to delight, please
egeō, egēre, eguī (+ablative) to lack something
lūdō, lūdere, lūsī, lūsum to play
pūniō, pūnīre, pūnīvī, pūnītum to punish
noctū during the night
paene almost
agmen, agminis marching column
pons, pontis bridge
porta, portae gate
victor, victoris victor
ingens, ingentis huge
ligneus, a, um made of wood
quantus, a, um how much, how great
tutus, a, um safe
vacuus, a, um empty of
aperio, ire, aperui, apertum to open
coepi, coepisse, coeptum+infinitive to begin
defendo, ere, denfendi, defensum to defend
edo, ere, edidi, editum to produce, give forth
furo, ere, furui, - to rage, be insane
invado, ere, invasi, - to burst in
parco, ere, peperci,- to spare
resisto, ere, restiti, - to resist
recipio, ere, recepi, receptum to receive
valeo, ere, valui,- to be able, to be in good health
primo at first
quam how
simul at the same time
utiam if only
annus, i year
argumentum, i silver
aurum, i gold
coniunx, coniugus spouse
consilium, i advice
custos, custodis guard
discipula, ae student (female)
dominus, i master, lord
eques, equitis horseman
fama, ae fame, name, reputation
finis, finis end
frater, fratris brother
gens, gentis tribe, population
incola, ae inhabitant
insula, ae island
lis, litis dispute, quarrel
magister, magistri teacher
matrimonium, i marriage
meridies, meridiei south
mos, moris custom
mundus, i world
odium hatred
ortus, ortus rising, beginning
piscis, piscis fish
salus, salutis health
sol, solis sun
vestis clothes
vox, vocis voice
vultus face
altus, a, um tall
brevis, breve short
clarus, a, um clear
gravis, grave heavy
improbus bad
septentronalis, septentrionale northern
situs, a, um situated
aspicio, ere, aspexi, aspectum to look at
disco, ere, didici, - to learn
gero, ere, gessi, gestum to wear
gigno, ere, genui, genitum to produce, give birth
invenio, ire, inveni, inventum to come upon
iungo, ere, iunxi, iunctum to join
occupo, are, avi, atum to occupy
pario, ere, peperi, partum to give birth, to
perdo, ere, perdidi, perditum to lose
promitto, ere, promisi, promissum to promise
scribo, ere, scripsi, scriptum to write
sino, ere, sivi, situm to allow somebody to do something
valeo, ere, valui to be in good health
hodie today
interdum sometimes
mane in the morning
nusquam nowhere
procul far away
utiam I wish that, if only
at but
vel or
odio habeo I hate somebody
salutem dico I greet
urorem to marry
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