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Science Semester Fin

Science 8th Grade Semester Final Review

Which Roman numeral represents the youngest ocean floor? IV
Name the landforms that are formed at a divergent plate boundary? Midocean range
Who proposed that all rocks at some point were in the form of a liquid, which is also known as the Law of Superposition? Nicholas Steno
What is the scientist Niels Bohr known for? Developing the model of an atom
What do metals tend to do in comparison with similar chemical properties? Have a lower atomic mass
What landforms can you find when two plates collide together? Trench
When and where can you find Earth's most recent crust? When two plates are moving away from each other in opposite directions.
Whats does the period represent on the table? Energy level
Elements in the same period on the periodic table can help you determine that the atoms of these elements are similar in terms of their __?__. Mass
__?__ are the most important subatomic particle examined to determine an atom's identity. Protons
Why is the law called that explains why things in the back seat are thrown forward when a car comes to a halt? Law of Inertia
Created by: SandraT19