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abiotic terms

abiotic factors and why they are important

water is essential to life and is important to the processes such as photosynthesis respiration and digestion all must take place in its presence.
sunlight all life requires energy and sunlight is the energy for almost all life on earth. it is essential for the process of photosynthesis.
temperature latitude and elevation are the two things that affect temperature.
latitude its a shorter distance to the equator and a longer distance to the poles. that why the equator is warmer and the poles are colder.
elevation the distance above sea level. higher in the air the air molecules are more spread apart than air molecules that are lower to the ground which are together.
soil its important because it is necessary for plants to be able to grow.
climate wind and rain shadow affect are the two things that affect climate.
wind winds are created when sunlight heats some portions earths surface more that others. in areas that receive more sunlight, the air becomes warmer. cold air sinks beneath the warm air, forcing warm wind upward.
rain shadow effect the presence of mountains affect rainfall presence. when warm air from the oceans rise upward the mountain and creates a cloud then rains on one side of the mountain the other is dry air.
air the air has three main gas in the atmosphere and they are nitrogen oxygen and carbon dioxide
Created by: ammeewing