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Final Music Exam

What term did waggner use to describe his operas? music drama
what sub genre of music describes trickovski romeo and juliet? concert overture
How could rhythms of classical era best be described? regular and even
what are the lider? german art songs
which were more prominent during classical era: instrumental or vocal? instrumental
what was the most important element of romantic period music? melody/skill
does rondo form adhere to principle statement departure and return? yes
what terms could we use to best get a sense of the romantic period? expressive, homophonic, complicated rhythms, virtuosic
is beethoven's 9th symphony classical or romantic structure? classical
what do we call portion of concerto where the slowest has an opportunity to show off without an orchestra cadenza
how might we describe the rhythms often found in compositions of the 1800s complicated
is it fair to say that beethoven bridged the gap between the classical and romantic periods? yes
was brahms a classicist in structure, but a romanticist in content? yes
in what country did Beethoven haydn, and mozart spend much of their creative careers? austria
schubert composed more than lieder, what were the other types of music he wrote? piano music, quartets, symphonies, choral music
what are the three portions of the first movement (sonata) of a symphony or string quartet called? exposition, development, recapitulation
is Tchaikovsky's music considered to be nationalistic international or both? both
during the classical era, what was the most common third movement structure used by composers? minuet trio
what is the opposite of program music? is it as artistically valid as program music? absolute music, yes
what instruments are found in a string quartet? 2 violins, viola, cello
what were the characteristics of 20th century music complexity and experimentation
what was the new keyboard instrument that became very popular in the 1700s piano forte
what motivated 20th century art composers to write music? they wrote for themselves
what terms best describe the classical period? dynamics, form, scales, tempo
what are the most important elements of music in the 20th century tone clusters, rhythm and timbre
during the classical period, which countries were considered to be the most important form a cultural standpoint? austria, germany
did the complexity of the 20th century music require modifications to the system of notation? yes
the ready availability of music from the past has led to what attitude with regard to old vs new art music? people prefered listening to older music
what is chance music? improvisation
what is neoclassical music? writing new music inside of older music
describe the characteristics of bartok's music european folk music, classical era forms, tonal, modal, uses chromatic tonality
what is minimalism get the greatest effect from the least amount of material
what is musique concrete? music that uses tape recordings and other recordings that can be altered to enhance composition
how did 20th century composers sometimes attempt to please their audiences? vernacular music
did the music of the 20th century reflect the events and developments of the times? if so, how? yes, people started writing music about current events
who developed 12 tone music? schoenberg
what is sprechstimme? cross between speaking and singing
what is a tone row? using every note once before a note can be repeated
what is the role of silence in contemporary music composition? hear music not being played
what was the audience response to the first performance of Stravinsky's rite of spring? rioting
what factors contributed to the new compositional style of 20th century music? economic, shifts in patronage or political upheavals
what propelled stravinsky to international fame in the early 1900s? he started composing more neoclassical music
how did impressionism begin? monet and renoir (french) reacting to german music
what is avant-garde? pushing envelope experimenting with limits musically
name an example of an impressionist composer debussy, chopin
what does the composition la mer represent? wind and sea
impressionist music acts as a bridge between ___ and ___? 19th century romanticism, more complex practices of 20th century
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