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Macbeth Vocab

balm healing ointment, salb
recompense reward or compensate
surfeited overfilled or glutted
augment to increase
corporal relating to the body
disburse pay out, spread around
understatement under exaggeration
ere before
peerless matchless, unequaled
impede hinder, stop
kin relatives
trifle something not important
anaphora repetition of a word or phrase at the beggining of two or more lines or sentences
heath meadow
plight serious and difficult situation
equivocator one who distorts truth or uses double meaning
palpable clear, tangible, definite
prate talk
beget give birth to
curb restraing
sieve strainer
hyperbole exaggeration for effect
apparition ghost
anon at once, right away
vantage view point
sentinel guard
Blank verse unrhymed iambic pentameter
sooth truth
chalice cup
fell evil
foreshadowing hinting at what is to come
entreat beg or ask
renown glory or distinction
soliloquy character speech when alone on stage
O'er over
aside thinking aloud so the audience can hear the speakers thoughts or speaking to one character and others can't hear
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