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1st semester exam re

key terms

constants a variable that stays the same during an experiment
alleles term used for the different forms of genes
recessive a trait that appears only when both alleles are present
genetics study of heredity
nucleus control center of the cell
cell membrane controls what goes in and out of a cell
tissues formed when similar types of cells work together
muscle tissue the tissue that helps your body move
mitochondria organelle where cellular respiration takes place
chloroplast organelle where photosynthesis takes place
community made up of all the populations in an area
biosphere all places where organisms live on earth
asthenosphere plasticlike layer below the lithosphere
continental drift idea that continents move slowly across Earth's surface
pangaea large, ancient landmass that consisted of all the continents on earth
lithosphere composed of the crust and the upper mantle
plate tectonics explains the locations of mountains, volcanoes, and trenches
mantle layer of earth that contains the asthenosphere
divergent boundary boundary formed when plates that move apart
convergent boundary boundary formed when plates come together
transform boundary boundary formed when plates slide past one another
independent variable variable that is changed on purpose
dependent variable factor that is being measured
control variable that is treated the same as the experimental group except the independent variable is not applied; used for comparison
microorganisms causes infectious diseases
prokaryotic cell cell without membrane bound structures
eukaryotic cell cell with membrane bound structures
epithelial tissue tissue that covers the outer surface of the body
genetic engineering biological and chemical methods to change the arrangement of DNA that makes up a gene
selective breeding the process by which desired traits of certain plants and animals are selected and passed on to future generations
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