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CNA 2016 Ch. 9*


a person who is attracted to both sexes bisexual
a person who is attracted to members of the other sex heterosexual.
a person who is attracted to members of the same sex homosexual.
the inability of the man to achieve an erection. erectile dysfunction... also known as impotence
physical activities involving the reproductive organs; done for pleasure or to have children sex.
the physical, emotional, social, cultural, and spritial factors that affect a person's feeling and attitudes about sex sexuality.
a term used to describe people who are on hormone therapy or undergoing surgery for gender reassignment. transgender.
a person who believes that he or she is a member of the other sex transsexual.
a person who becomes sexually arounsed by dressing in the clothes of the other sex. transvestite.
________is the physical activities involving reproductive organs sex
Sexuality develops when? when a baby's gender is known.
Children learn male and female roles from ____________________. adults.
Sexual behaviors usually begin during __________________________. the teenage years.
Drugs are available to treat _____________________. impotence.
A resident is angry because his sexual function is affected by his heart disease. What should you do to help him? follow the care plan.
A nursing center resident is holding hands with his wife and stroking her leg. What should you do? allow them privacy.
Mr. Porter is a resident at Spruce Harbor Nursing Center. His wife now needs nursing center care. OBRA requires that they share a room if they wish.
A female resident wants to wear a dress and apply makeup every day. She also likes to shave her legs and underarms. What should you do? assist her with grooming activities as needed.
What promotes sexuuality? knocking before you enter a room
Mr. Fisher’s wife died three years ago. Mrs. Polk is divorced. Both are residents at Spruce Harbor Nursing Center. They dine and attend activities together. Today you find them holding hands under the table. What should you do? nothing.
A resident tells you that you look pretty and tries to touch your leg. What should you do? ask the person not to touch your body.
A resident asks you for a kiss. What should you do? tell the person that this behavior makes you uncomfortable.
A female resident with Alzheimer’s disease is undressing and fondling her breasts in the activity room. What should you do? assist her to her room.
A male resident with Alzheimer’s disease has poor communication skills. He touches your breasts to get your attention. What does this mean? his behavior is not sexual
You hear an alert and oriented male resident make a sexual comment to a female resident. The female resident appears embarrassed and uncomfortable. What should you do? tell the nurse at once.
Nursing center residents must be protected from what? unwanted sexual comments and advances.
injury, illness, and surgery can affect _________________________ sexual function
some sexual problems have _______________ or __________ causes. psychological or physical
reproductive organs change with ___________ aging
Immobility and chronic illness may affect ____________ of sex. frequency
older persons need _____________ and _________. love and affection.
sexual activity __________ for many older persons. decreases
elderly often lose sexual partners through _____________ and _________________. death and divorce.
___________________ can affect sexuality and sexual expression. chronic illness
if you suspect sexual abuse, what do you do? tell the nurse at once
Who should be allowed to sexually abuse another person? no one
Attitudes and _____ _____ change with aging. sex needs
Sexuality is important throughout __________ . life
A male resident is rubbing his genital area, this could mean.... He could have a UTI.
Sexual function can be affected by: physical causes, emotional causes, chronic illnesses
Healthy, pleasurable sexual relationships and intimacy enhance the quality of life for people of all ages. True
Sexuality is not important for older persons. False
Created by: heatherhibbs
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