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White dwarves, and neutron stars

What is a white dwarf? A dead corpse of a low-mass star
The most massive white dwarf is the __________. Smallest
What kind of pressure keeps a white dwarf from contraction by gravity? Electron degeneracy pressure
If a white dwarf is in a close binary, what happen? The white dwarf gets hydrogen from its companion (a star) and develops accretion disk around it.
What happens when a hydrogen gas falls onto a white dwarf's surface? The white dwarf will light up as a novae.
What is a difference between a novae and a supernovae? A novae is much dimmer in the sky than a supernovae.
Altough a white dwarf doesn't shine much in visible and infrared light, it shines in ________ and ________. Ultraviolet and X-Rays light
What happens if we bring a sample of a white dwarf to Earth? It will sink through the surface because it is very dense.
What is a limit to a white dwarf? (* It is also known as the Chandraesekhar limit) 1.4 Mass times the Sun
If there is no friction, the accretion disk will ___________ Orbit indefinitely
As the materials encircles around the white dwarf, they eventually become __________ due to higher orbital speed. Hotter
How does the white dwarf shine as a nova when hydrogen gas falls onto its surface? The high temperature begins hydrogen fusion in the layer .
When a white dwarf shines as a novae, accreted matter ____________ Blast into space
What is a neutron star? A dead corpse of a high-mass star; ball of neutrons that is left over from a supernova.
What keeps a neutron star from being crushed by gravity? Neutron degeneracy pressure
How are neutron stars and white dwarves similar? They are very dense and have strong gravity
Pulsars are ..... Neutron stars
How do pulsars come out of neutron stars? Their fast rotation strengthens its magnetic fields and send out a beam of radiation.
Though pulsars are neutron stars, can all neutron stars be pulsars as well? No
If a white dwarf spins as fast as a neutron star, It will break apart.
When a white dwarf approaches the Chandraesekhar limit and began fusing carbon, it will become ....... White dwarf supernova
Although a white dwarf novae fuses hydrogen and leaves the dwarf intact, the white dwarf supernova ______________ Is a complete explosion of a white dwarf, leaving nothing there.
Created by: U0105006