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the restless earth

geography, chapter 1

what are the layers of the earth? The Core,Mantle, Crust.
whats the name of a big slab of the earths crust plate
whats the name of the place where the plates meet? plate boundry
what is the core made up of mainly iron and nickel
what is the temperature of the core over 4000 degrees celcius
what is the temperature of the mantle up to 4000 degrees celcius
what state is the mantle plastic state(like jelly)
what is the name of the material the mantle is made up of magma
how does the magma travel in the mantle convection currents
how do the convection currents move very slowly
what is the crust of the earth made out of solid rock
is the crust on the earth one continuos layer? no
what is the crust made up of plates
what sits on top of the plates continents
what do the plates float on mantle
what do the plates do in certain places drag apart, separate, push together, collide, slide past
are the plates always moving or do they stay still moving
why are the plates always moving because they are floating on the top of the molten rock of the marble
what do plates cause when they collide. folding and earthquakes
what is a feature associated with colliding fold mountains
what is a consequence associated with plates colliding earthquakes
what happens when plates collide compression occurs at their zone of contact
what happens to the crust when plates collide they buckle and arch upwards
what is a earthquake shaking, rolling, sudden shock
where do earthquakes occur when plates collide or slide past each other
what are shockwaves? tremors which occur from the release of pressure
what is the focus the place where the earthquake occurs beneath the earths surface
what is the epicentre the spot on the surface directly above the focus
what is a ricter scale a scale used from 1 - 10 registering the force/strength of an earthquake
what is a seismograph an instrument used to measure the force of an earthquake
what is the san andreas fault the boundary between the north American plate and the pacific plates
what are the san andreas plates causing earthquakes
what happens when paltes separate? volcanic activity
what are some volcanic activity features? mid atlantic ridge, volcanic islands, volcanic mountains
Created by: rbowen2018