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Science 1st Semester

Vocabulary from 1st Semester for Wonder Winter Wrap Up Project

Safety Goggles Eye protection. Used when working with heat, chemicals or on teacher instruction.
Eye Wash Station Used in case of emergency when chemicals haveentered eye. Used to rinse out eyes.
Finding Density To find density, we use the term D=M/V, or Density= Mass/Volume.
Smelling Chemicals in the Lab The correct way to smell things in the lab is to waft.
Where to Put Equipment in Lab Keep all lab equipment away from the edge of the table so that it doesn't fall off.
Proton A positively charged sub-atomic particle that determines the element.
The 5 Chemical Changes Change in temperature, light produced, gas produced, color change and solid precipitate formed are the 5 changes.
Chemical Equation A sentence that describes a chemical reaction.
Neutron A sub-atomic particle with no charge that determines an isotope in an atom.
Electron A negatively charged sub-atomic particle that determines an ion.
Balanced Force When the net forces acting on an object are 0 it is balanced. The object will not move.
Unbalanced Force When the net forces acting on an object are not 0. Object moves in direction of greatest applied force.
Speed Graph Shows the distance traveled in a certain time limit.
Acceleration Graph Shows the change in speed over a certain time limit.
Newton's 1st Law The law of inertia-Objects tend to stay in motion or at rest until an unbalanced force acts upon them
Newton's 2nd Law This law satates that Force=MassxAcceleration.
Newton's 3rd Law For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Black Hole An object said to be created by the supernova explosion of a large star, it is so dense and its gravitational pull is so strong that not even light can escape it.
Molecule When 2 or more atoms chemically bond.
White Dwarf What our sun will end up as. A small but extremely hot and dim object, it will continue to cool down until it becomes a black dwarf.
Created by: W0603953