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Science Vocabulary

Mass The amount of matter in an object.
Volume the amount of space an object takes up.
Compound Element A molecule with more than 2 elements.
Elemental Molecule A molecule with 2 of the same element.
Proton In the nucleus and tells you what the element is and it is positive charge.
Inertia the property of matter by which it stays at rest or keeps its velocity as long as not acted upon by an unbalanced force
Atom Basic building block.
Density Mass per unit volume.
Hypothesis An if then statement that states what you think will happen during the experiment.
stellar nebula the beginning of a stars life.
Black hole Object so dense that light cannot escape their gravity.
Neutron star the core of the star that stayed intact.
White dwarf A hot star that radiates its remaining heat into the coldness of space for billions of years.
Chemical equation Shows what happened during a chemical reaction.
Law of conservation of mass Mass cannot be created or destroyed.
Atomic mass The mass of an atom.
Period A horizontal column on the periodic table.
Group A vertical column on the periodic table.
Metal a substance that is ductile, malleable, has luster, and is a good conductor.
Non-metal A substance that is brittle, non-malleable, dull, and a poor conductor.
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