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Fossils unit test

The preserved remains or traces of living things are called ______ fossils
Fossils that are made out of minerals that have turned to stone are called ______ petrified fossils
A copy of the shape of an organism is what type of fossil? cast fossil
_____ is the hard resin, or sap, of evergreen trees amber
three ways entire organisms can be preserved are ______ amber, tar, or ice
A hollow area of sediment in the shape of an organism is called a _____ mold
the evolutionary process of an organism changing to become better suited to survive in it's environment is called ____ adaption
_______ provide evidence of the activity of ancient organisms. trace fossils
organisms that no longer exist on the planet are said to be _____ extinct
this law states that the oldest rock layer is found at the bottom and the youngest at the top. Law of Superposition
The rock layer of 250 million years old. This describes the _______ of the rock absolute age
The Law of Original Horizontality states that all rock layers are laid down _____ flat
The statement that the rock layer is younger than the 100 million year old extrusion but older than the 50 million year old intrusion is an example of ______ relative age
Rock layers with a wavy line at the top represent ______ erosion
Intrusions are always _____ than the rock layers they are found in. younger
a _____ is a break or crack in the earth's crust along which rocks move. fault
fossils of widely distributed organisms that lived for only a short period of time are called ______ index fossils
the gradual change in living things over long periods of time is called ______ evolution
The history of life on earth on a calendar is called the ______ geologic time scale
In what time in Earth's history was the earth's atmosphere formed? Precambrian
List possible causes of mass extinctions in Earth's past or possibly the future. asteroids, volcanoes, human impact
Magma found within a rock layer is called an ________ intrusion
The youngest layer of the rock will always be at the ____ top
we live in what era of earth's history? Cenozoic
magma that flows onto the surface of a rock layer is called an _______ extrusion
What are 3 things humans are doing today that can result in the extinction of a species? overpopulation, pollution, deforestation
Whatever the actual cause of a mass extinction, it usually results in the Earth's _______ changing, killing off the organisms that live there. climate
This occurs in rick layers when unequal forces within the earth pushes up in one area. tilting
Earth's time scale dates back as far as _______ years ago. 4.6 billion
Where are MOST fossils preserved? sedimentary rock
The most important step that has to occur for an organism to become a fossil is ___ to be buried in sediment
Which parts of an organism are most likely to be preserved as a fossil?
What important event happened 2.5 billion years ago when some organisms began using photosynthesis to make their food? Formed the earth's atmosphere
Created by: ZoeyGirl13