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Stage 40 Vocab

Latin III

augere to increase
affirmō (+ACC) I declare
affirmāre (+ACC) to declare
affirmāvī (+ACC) I declared
affirmātus/a/um (+ACC) having declared
amīcitia, amīcitiae F. the friendship
augeo I increase
cōnsul, cōnsulis, M. the consul (senior magistrate)
crīmen, crīminis, N. the charge
cūria, cūriae, F. the senate-house
dēmum at last
tum dēmum then at last
auctus, aucta auctum having been increased
exīstimō I think, consider
exīstimāre to think, consider
exīstimāvī I thought, considered
exīstimātus/a/um having thought, considered
fingere to pretend, invent, forge
invidia, invidiae, F. the jealousy, envy, unpopularity
levis, levis, leve light, slight, trivial
minor I threaten
minārī to threaten
minātus sum I threatened
mūtāre to change
mūtāvī I changed
mūtātum having changed
obiciō I present, put in the way of, expose to
obicere to present, put in the way of, expose to
obiēcī I presented, put in the way of, exposed to
obiectus,a,um having presented, put in the way of, exposed to
probō I prove
probāre to prove
probāvī I proved
probātum having proved
prōdō I betray
prōdere to betray
prōdidī I betrayed
prōditus/a/um having betrayed
similis, similis, simile similar
socius, sociī, M. the companion, partner
suādeō (+DAT) I advise, suggest
suādēre (+DAT) to advise, suggest
suāsī (+DAT) I advised, suggested
suāsa/us/um (+DAT) having advised, suggested
muto I change
ūtor (+ABL) I use
ūtī (+ABL) to use
ūsus sum (+ABL) I used
videor I seem
vidērī to seem
vīsus sum I seemed
Created by: Latin I