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Motion and Gravity

True or False - Without air resistance, the objects will fall at different speeds and hit the ground at different times. False; they fall at a same speed and hit the ground at the same time.
What is a differenc between mass and weight? The mass is the amount of matter in an object and the weight is the amount of force is acting on an object.
If the cable breaks on the elevator, you will be in _________. Free-fall
If the elevator goes up, you become _________. Heavier.
If the elevator goes down, you become _________. Lighter
Momentum = Mass * Velocity
What is net force? The overall force to which an object responds to: change in momentum (mass * acceleration)
When does the change of momentum occurs? When the net force is not zero.
Are there any net force acting on the car when it comes to a stop? Yes
Are there any net force acting upon an elevator when it is going up at a constant speed? No.
Are there any net force acting upon the moon when it orbits around Jupiter? Yes
Are there any net force acting upon the bus when it speeds up? Yes
Are there any net force acting upon the bicycle when it moves around in circles? Yes
How are people in spaceships weightless in space? The spaceships travel so fast that they can orbit around the Earth without falling into it.
In space, weightlessness is due to? Constant state of free-fall.
What is angular momentum? Any object either moving along a curved path or spinning.
How does the Earth have angular momentum? It rotates (rotational angular momentum) and orbits around the Sun (orbital angular momentum).
What do the light and gravity follow? Inverse square law
What does inverse square law explain? The intensity decrease at distance squared (1/distance squared)
What are examples of weightlessness? -A person is falling off a chair -A person jumps on a trampoline -Astronuats float in space.
What is Newton's first law of motion? -An object moves in a same velocity unless a net force acts upon it.
What is Newton's second law of motion? -Force = mass * acceleration (change in momentum)
Suppose you swing a ball with a string in circles and the string suddenly breaks, what happen to the ball? The ball goes directly away from you in a straight line.
What is Newton's third law of motion? Any force has its opposite and equal reaction force.
What is an example for Newton's first law of motion? A spaceship moves across space without fuel.
What is an example for Newton's second law of motion? A person tries to move a bowling ball, but it doesn't move that much.
What is an example for Newton's third law of motion? A Space Shuttle liftoffs from space; it proppelled upward by an equal force but opposite to the gas expelled from the back.
What is acceleration? Change in velocity
What is speed? Change in distance over time
What is velocity? Speed and direction
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