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If the solar system is reduced by the factor of 10 billion and the Sun is a size of a grapefruit, th Earth will be a size of ________. A tip of a ballpoint pen
Iin a 1:10 billion scale, a distance to the Andromeda Galaxy is similar to a_________. A trip across the United States.
What is a solar system? An area where materials, including planets and moons, revolve around a star.
How the universe was born? Big Bang
If the universe is put into a cosmic calendar, we, humans, would be born in...... December 31st (11:59:95)
What si a star? A large ball of heat and gas that gives off energy from nuclear fusion.
What is a planet? A moderately large object that revolves around a star (the Sun) and reflects light.
What types of composition can planets have? Rocky, icy, or gaseous
What is a galaxy? An island of stars that is put together by gravity and orbits a common center.
What is the universe? The sum of all matter and energy; everything between galaxies.
What two elements did the early universe has? Hydrogen and helium
How are we, humans, and Earth made from "star stuff"? Humans and the planet are made from heavier elements from other past stars
The farther we look back at a faraway galaxies, The farther we look back in time (It would appear younger).
Why can't we see a galaxy 15 light years away, learning that the universe is 14 billion years old? Looking at the galaxy means looking back in time before the universe existed.
How would it take to count the number of stars in our universe? A few thousand years
In our cosmic calendar, when did the dinosaurs appear? December 26th
When did the dinosaurs die in the cosmic calendar? December 30th
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