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1st semester vocab.

winter wonderland rap up

Beaker A beaker is used to hold liquids and for ballpark measures.
Thermometer A thermometer measures the tempeture of an object.
Saftey Goggles Saftey goggles protects your eyes from any chemicals etc. getting in them.
Test tube holder A test tube holder is used to pick up and hold test tube for short periods for heating.
Apron An apron is used to protect your clothes from anthing spilling.
physical change altering the form or organization of an object without changing the type of matter within it
chemical change changing one substance into another
solution a mixture that looks the same everywhere, even under a microscope
precipitate a solid that forms when two solutions are mixed
alloy a solution of two or more solids
solution a mixture that looks the same everywhere, even under a microscope
atoms is the smallest portion into which an element can be divided and still retain its properties.
periodic table a table of the chemical elements arranged according to their atomic number
net force the sum of all forces acting on an object.
balanced forces are combined forces that results in a zero net force on an object.
unbalanced force are combined forces that results in a net force that is positive or negative on an object.
newtons first law If the net force acting on an object is zero,the object remains at rest, or if the object is moving it continues to move in a straight line at constant speed
newtons second law The acceleration of an object = the force / the mass and is in the direction of the net force
newtons third law Forces always act in equal but opposite pairs
acceleration The rate at which velocity changes; speeding up or slowing down in a direction
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