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Airway Managment

Bradys Emergency

What Color will Cyanotic Skin be? Blue
Which is the primary path for air to enter and leave the respiratory system? Nose
What prevents food from entering the trachea Epiglottis
What direction does the diaphragm move when the muscles contract Downward
Where does the exchange of gasses take place? Alveoli
What should the patient who is experiencing a partial airway obstruction be encouraged to do? Cough Forcefully
What can be looked at to determine if the patient is breathing adequately? Nail Beds
What should be the maximum amount of time spent suctioning be for a child? 10 Seconds
What does the infant and small child depend upon more for breathing Diaphragm
How many thrust should be given in succession when helping a patient with complete airway obstruction five
How many rescuers are required to preform bag valve mask ventilations on an elderly patient? two
what should you do if you are attempting to insert an oropharyngeal airway and the patient begins to gag? Remove it
What can be used as leverage when performing the jaw thrust maneuver? cheekbones
Which structure takes air into the lunges? Trachea
Created by: benzlorenz