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Japanese/English Words and Phrases

Hajimaru ("Hah -G -Mar -Roo") Commencing
Yume ("You -May") Dream
Kawoi ("Kah -Wah -E") Cute/Adorable
Hime-sama ("He -May -Sah -Mah") Princess
Baka (“Bah -Kah”) Idiot/Stupid
Sugoy (“Sue -Goy”) Amazing
Soka (“Soh -Kah”) I see
Hai (“High”) Yes/okay
Iya ("E -Yah") No
Sora (“Sore -Ah”) Sky
Skida (“Ski -Dah”) Like
Daiski ("Dye -Skii") Love
Honto (“Hone -Toe”) Really
Moshi Moshi (“Mow -She”)x2 Hello(phone calls)
Oba-san (“O -Bah -San”) Grandma
Kambate (“Kom -Baht -Tay”) Work Hard/Do your Best
Demo (“Day -Moe”) But/Still
Souna (“Sewn -Na”) But
Hanataka (“Han -Nah -Tah – Kah”) Thanks to you
Korei (“Core -Ray”) These
Koreino (“Core -Ray -No”) This
Koreia ("Core -Ray -Ah") This is
Yokata (“Yo -Kah -Tah”) I am glad/What a relief
Nee-san (“Nay -San”) sister
Nii-chan (“Knee -Chan”) brother
Daizoubou ("Die -Jhoe -Boo") I'm fine (question = Are you all right?)
Iterasai ("E -Tera -Sigh") Have a safe trip
Itadakimasu ("E -Tah -Dah -Key -Mas") Thank you for the food
Moietsu ("Moy -Et -Sue") Intense
Kami-sama ("Kah -May -Sah -Mah") God
Ohaio ("O -High -O") Good Morning
Oyesemi ("Oy -S -Sah -Me") Good Night
Onegai ("O -Knee -Guy") Please
Shirei ("She -Ray") Commander
Taicho ("Tie -Cho") Captain
Datoekedo("Dah -Toe -E -K -Doe") I hope so
Oremo ("Or -Ree -Mow") Yams
Oji-san ("O -G -San") Mister
Yamedo ("Yah -May -Doe") Stop
Chikara ("Chi -Car -Rah") Power
Oto-san ("O -Toe -San") Father
Atashi ("Ah -Tah -She") I
Wakademashta ("Wah -Kah -Dee -Mosh -Tah") understood
Oyoshio ("Oy -O -She -O") It's good(a comment made about food)
Ocas-san ("O -Cah -S -San") Mother
Tadaima ("Tah -Dye -Mah") I'm home
Okaede ("Oh -Kai -D") Welcome Home
Himitsu ("He -Meet -Sue") Secret
Hegoi ("He -Goy") Mean
Domo ("Dough -Mow") Hello (Greeting when speaking to the person face-to-face)
Nandemonai ("Non -Day -Mow -Nigh") It's nothing (often a response when asked what's wrong)
Nane ("Nah -Knee") What is it?, What?
Doshde ("Dough + Shh -Day") Why?
Yuki ("You -Key") Courage (or) Snow
Jigal ("Chi -Gal") That's not it
Umi ("Ooh -Me") Sea,ocean
Okite ("Oh -Key -Tay") Wake Up
Dokoikkinou ("Dough -Coe -E -Kay -No") Where did you go? Where are you going?
Doko ("Dough -Coe") Where?
Haiekou ("High -Eck -Koo") Hurry
Ikou ("E -Co") Go
Nay ("Nay") Hey (or) Come
Nay? ("Nay") Right?
Minna ("Mean -Nah") Everyone/us/we
Date ("Dah -Tay") Because (or) After all
Betsenii ("Bet -Seh -Knee") Not really
Uso ("Ooh -So") Lie
Hora ("Oar -Rah") Here (or) See
Usoski ("Ooh -So -Ski") Liar
Ikara Ikara ("E -Car -Rah")x2 It's okay (say this when trying to reassure someone)
Taskeite ("Tahs -Skay -Tay") Save Me
Zutto ("Zoo -Toe") Forever/Always
Tomodachi ("Toe -Mow -Dah -Chi") Friends
Neko ("Nay -Coh") Cat
Kaze ("Kah -Zay") Wind
Shireishimasu ("She -Ray -She -Mas") Excuse Me
Urusai ("Ooh -Rue -Sai") Shut Up
Shikoshi ("She -Kosh -She") But (Not common)
Doka ("Doh -Kah") Please (not common)
Daeto ("Day -Toe") Date (as in guy hanging out with girl at a movie)
Urushkou ("You'll -Roche -Koo") Nice to meet you
Hadjiemoshte ("Hah + Duh -Jay -Meh -Mosh -Tay") How do you do?
Kampai ("Com -Pye") Cheers
Itazura ("E -Tah -Zure -Rah") Mischief
Monogatari ("Moan -No -Gah -Tar -Ree") Fairytale
Sugusama ("Sue -Goo -Sah -Mah") Immediately
Itekimasu ("E -Tech -E -Mas") I'm off (you say this usually when you leave for work or go to school)
Tabuun ("Tah -Boon") Probably
Steki ("Steh -Key") Wonderful
Created by: shateldo
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