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1st Semester Vocab

Vocab from MMJH 8th Grade 1st Semester Science

What does a graduated cylinder meausre in? Mililieters
What is the subatomic partice that has the same number of the as portons? Electrons
What does "He" stand for in the periodic table? Helium
If a car has 0N of force moving it is it balanced or unbalanced? Balanced
A swimmer if paddling down a lane and pushes against the water and goes forward. What law is this representing? 3rd Law
When do you wear safety goggles? Using heat, chemicals, glass, or when the teacher tells you to.
Is melting a chemical or physical change? Chemical
Is Calcium a non-metal? No
How many laws did Newton make? 3
If Alli is goes 60 miles in 7 hours what is her speed? About 8.5mph
If a cube has a mass of 57mg and a volume of 30 cm, what is its density? 1,710 mg/cm3
What piece of lab equipment meausres in grams? Triple Beam Balance
What parts of an atom are used to find the atomic mass of an element? Protons and neutrons
If Bailey and Jacob were pushing on a cart on each side and Jacob was pushing 30N and Bailey was pushing 10N is this balanced or unbalanced? Unbalanced
If it takes more force to push something with a bigger mass what law is that representing? 2nd Law
What do the elements in the same period have in common with each other? They all have the same number electron shells
If a ball has the density of 309kg/m3 and the volume is 23m what is its mass? About 13.4
If something catches on fire what should you do? Tell the teacher.
How do you know a force is unblanced? If it is moving or has a force of anything other than 0N.
If somthing changes color is that a chemical or physical change? Chemical.
Created by: kaylairvin_