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Technology 7

Technology 7 Key Vocabulary

Technology The use of scientific knowledge and available resources to improve the quality of life
Science The natural laws that govern the universe.
Resources The things available to us, such as people, tools, materials, energy time and capital.
System An organized way of performing a task, producing a product or providing a service.
Labor The PEOPLE input in a technology system.
Information The instructions that tell the labor resource what needs to be done.
Knowledge A measure of what people have learned and understand about the world we live in.
Materials The input in a technology system that changes.
Tools Devices that extend the work potential of humans.
Energy The technology resource that powers tools and machines and lights factories.
Time Needed for a technology system since things do not happen instantly.
Capital The financial (money) part of a technology system.
Technology System Model A visual diagram illustrating the steps of a technology system.
Inputs The resources and commands that go into a technology system that determine what the system will do.
Processes The steps required for a technology system to complete its intended purpose.
Outputs The results of a technology system, both positive and negative
Feedback An evaluation of a system to make sure that it runs efficiently and safely.
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