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Irregular verbs 7

Irregular verb forms and meaning (starting with t, u, w)

Infinitivepastpast participleDefinition
take took taken get into one's possession; grasp
teach taught taught (impart knowledge or skill to
tear tore torn pull apart or into pieces by force
tell told told give a detailed account of
think thought thought have or formulate in the mind
throw threw thrown propel through the air with a motion of the hand or arm; project
understand understood understood grasp; perceive and comprehend the nature or significance of something
wake woke woken become awake; cease to sleep
wear wore worn carry or have on the person as covering, adornment or protection; fatigue, exhaust
win won won achieve victory or finish first in a competition; receive a prize or reward
write wrote written form letters on a surface, such as paper, with an instrument, such as a pen.
Created by: eoiteacher