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Irregular verbs 6

Irregular verb forms and meaning (starting with s)

Infinitivepastpast participledefinition
say said said utter aloud, pronounce
see saw seen perceive with the eye
seek sought sought search for; try to locate or discover
sell sold sold exchange or deliver for money or its equivalent
send sent sent dispatch; give off; transmit a message or messages
set set set place; prepare; get something ready
sew sewed sewn fasten by stitching
shake shook shaken cause to quiver, tremble, vibrate or rock
shine shone shone emit light; excel
shoot shot shot hit, wound or kill with a missile fired from a weapon; discharge; detonate
show showed shown display
shut shut shut fasten with a lock; close
sing sang sung utter a series of words or sounds in musical tones
sit sat sat rest with the torso vertical and the body supported by the buttocks
sleep slept slept be in the state of sleep (a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body)
smell smelt (smelled) smelt (smelled) perceive the scent of something by means of the olfactory nerves
speak spoke spoken utter words or articulate soudns with ordinary speech modulation
spell spelt (spelled) spelt (spelled) name or write in order the letters constituting a word; signify
spend spent spent usen up; wear out; pass time
split split split divide
spread spread spread stretch, open to a fuller extent
spring sprang sprung move upward or forward with quick moves; leap
stand stood stood rise to an upright position on the feet; maintain that position
steal stole stolen take the property of another without permission; commit theft
stick stuck stuck pierce with a pointed instrument; fasten or attach
sting stung stung pierce or wound painfully with a sharp-pointed structure
stink stank stunk emit a strong foul odour
strike struck struck hit sharply; inflict a blow
swear swore swore make a solemn declaration or promise; vow
sweep swept swept clean or clear with or as if with a broom or brush
swim swam swum move through water by means of the limbs, fins or tail
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