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Irregular verbs 4

Irregular verb forms and meaning (starting with h, k and l)

Infinitivepastpast participleDefinition
hang hung (hanged) hung (hanged) suspend, fasten from above with no support from below
have had had be in possession of
hear heard heard perceive by sound
hide hid hidden put or keep out of sight, secret; cover up
hit hit hit strike
hold held held have and keep in one's grasp
hurt hurt hurt cause physical pain or damage to; injure
keep kept kept retain possession of
know knew known grasp in the mind with clarity and certainty; be cognizant or aware
lay laid laid cause to lie down; put or set down
lead led led show the way to by going in advance; guide the behaviour or opinion, induce
learn learnt (learned) learnt (learned) gain knowledge through experience or study
leave left left go out of or away from
lend lent lent allow the use of something on the condition that it will be returned
let let let allow, give permission
lie lay lain be or place oneself in a horizontal position; recline
light lit lit ignite, kindle; make luminous
lose lost lost mislay; unsuccessful in retaining possession of; fail to win
Created by: eoiteacher