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Europa Raped by Zeus as bull on Crete. Mother of Minos
Minos Son of Zeus and Athena, king of Crete,
Cadmus Brother of Europa, sowed dragon teeth into ground and Spartoi emerged. Built Thebes after following a cow
Thebes Found by Cadmus after he followed a cow there. Known for being the location of bad things.
Cadmeia Citadel of Thebes named after its founder Cadmus.
Spartoi Emerged from the sewn teeth of the dragon of Ares. Fought each other until only 5 were left. The remaining five helped Cadmus build the city of Thebes.
Actaeon Saw Artemis while she was bathing. He was turned into a stag and killed by his own hounds.
Dionysus God of Wine and parties. Grew in Zeus’ leg. Raised by the Bacchantes.
Pentheus King of Thebes. Opposed Dionysus. Killed by the bacchantes.
Labdacus Grandson of Cadmus. Killed by the Bachae after disrespecting Dionysus
Antiope Mother of Amphion and Zethus by Zeus. Herdsman raised her sons and they killed her captures.
Laius Father of Oedipus. Killed by son to fulfill prophecy.
Xenia Ancient Greek philosophy of hospitality. “Guest friendship”
Jocasta Mother of Oedipus and wife of Laius. Marries son. Committed suicide.
Oedipus Marries mother, kills father. Saves Thebes from the Sphinx. Blinded himself.
Polybus and Merope King and Queen of Corinth that Oedipus thinks are his real parents
Sophocles Classical Greek playwright, Wrote Oedipus.
Aeschylus Classical playwright, wrote seven against Thebes and Agamemnon
Euripides Last of the great playwrights. Wrote Andromache and Hecuba.
Dionysia Festival where comedies and tragedies are shared. In honor of Dionysus. Aeschylus spoke there.
Oedipus Tyrannus Story of Oedipus portrayed by Sophocles. Kills dad Marries mother.
Oedipus at Colonus Part of the Oedipus trilogy by Sophocles. Chronicles the end of Oedipus’ life.
Antigone Third of the Theban plays. Chronicles the story of Creon and Antigone
Polyneices Son of Oedipus and brother of Eteocles. Fought with brother over rule of the city and killed each other.
Eteocles Brother of Polyneices and because of curse put on them by Oedipus they end up killing themselves over control of the state.
Antigone Daughter f Oedipus and Jocasta. Served as guides to Oedipus when he blinded himself. Was given to Haemon so he could kill her, but they ended up getting married.
Ismene Sister of Antigone. Also guided Oedipus.
Creon Uncle to Antigone & Ismene. Killed Haemon.
Tiresias Blind fortuneteller. Prophesied the Seven against Thebes.
Sphinx Plagued city of Thebes. Asked riled to travelers and killed them when they failed. Defeated by Oedipus.
Bacchae Play by Euripes. Dionysus visits Thebes expecting to be worshiped. Pentheus the young king tries to arrest him he is driven mad and killed by the crazy women of Thebes.
Hubris Excessive pride. Cornerstone to many myths.
Eumenides Female deities of revenge. Correspond to the Furies.
Seven Against Thebes Written by Aeschylus. Third play in the Oedipus trilogy.
Adrastus One of the seven against Thebes. Overtook Thebes on his second attempt.
Tydeus Son of Oeneus. Exiled for murder and died on the voyage of the seven against Thebes.
Menoeceus Grandfather of Oedipus
Amphiaraüs Father of Alcmaeon. Commanded his son to kill is wife. He joined the seven against Thebes, knowing it would be fatal to him.
Epigoni The second generation of the seven against Thebes.
Alcmaeon Killed his mother by his fathers, Amphiaraus’ last wishes. Had to find land where sun hadn’t shined when he killed his mother so we lived on a newly formed island.
Eriphyle Bribed by Polyneices with the necklace of Harmonia. Wife of Amphiaraus and mother of Alcmaeon
Haemon Married Antigone and was killed by Creon. Other versions say he committed suicide.
Tantalus Feeds son to gods. Punished in the underworld between puddle and low hanging fruit, neither of which he can consume.
Pelops Fed to the gods by Tantalus. Demeter ate his shoulder. When revived his shoulder was replaced by ivory. Wed Hippodamia and killed her father Oenomaus.
Thyestes Son of Pelops and brother of Atreus. Driven from Megara after seducing Atreus’ wife. Sent Atreus his own son whom he killed unknowingly.
Atreus Son of Pelops and brother of Thyestes. After killing his own son fed Thyestes flesh of his own son. Father of Agamemnon.
Iphigenia Daughter of Agamemnon who was sacrificed for fair winds to Troy.
The Oresteia Work by Aeschylus. Trilogy including Agamemnon, Eumenides and the Libation Bearers
Libation Bearers Play by Aeschylus. Orestes kills his mother Clymenestra. Tries to justify his action but fails and is pursued by the furies for his matricide.
Eumenides Orestes takes sanctuary from the furies. Apollo defends his but Athena cast the deciding vote for his acquittal. The furies are mad at Athena but come to an agreement with her and bless the city of Athens and reside there as the Eumenides (Kind Goddesses)
Dioscuri Twin deities who shipwreck sailors and received sacrifices for favorable winds.
Helen Most beautiful woman of Greek and indirect cause of the Trojan War. Married Menelaus, Agamemnon’s brother but fled to Troy with Paris.
Priam Last king of Troy. Father of Hector and Paris.
Andromache Wife of Hector. Bore three sons with Achilles’ son, Neoptolemus.
Paris/Alexander Prince of Troy. Brother of Hector Kills Achilles by shooting him in heel. Judgment of Paris.
Hecuba Wife of Priam and mother of Hector and Paris.
Judgment of Paris Chose Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess and earned her favour and was given Helen as a reward.
Agamemnon King of Greek forces against Troy. Sacrificed daughter for fair winds to Troy. Killed and betrayed by wife, Clytemnestra.
Menelaus Brother of Agamemnon and Husband of Helen. Trojan War was started when Helen abandoned him for Paris of Troy.
Diomedes Seized the palladium from Troy. Harmed Aphrodite so she made his wife unfaithful and turned his friends into birds.
Nestor Brothers killed by Herakles but he escapes. He is an advisor to the Greek in the Iliad. Persuades Petroculus to fight as Achilles.
Ajax the Greater (Telamonian) Second best warrior to Achilles. Retrieved Achilles body after he was killed. Killed himself after losing the competition for Achilles armor
Odysseus Main character in the Odyssey. Tries to return home to Ithaca. Takes 20 years to get back home.
Achilles Best warrior for the Greeks. Dipped in the River Styx. Invincible except for his heel.
Patroclus Friend/lover of Achilles. Killed in Trojan War. Spurs Achilles to return to battle.
Hector Son of Prium and prince of Troy. Killed by Achilles. Best warrior in Troy.
Helenus Brother of Hector and Paris. Suited Helen, but when rejected he told the Greeks about the palladium and how they must capture it. Prophet captured by Greeks.
Aeneas Second best warrior of Troy to Hector. Survived Trojan War and was deemed the father of all Sicilians and Italians after the Trojan War.
Odyssey Epic by Homer that recounts the journey of Greek general Odysseus home to Ithaca after the Trojan War.
Aeneid Epic by Virgil. Founding of Lavinium by Aeneas after leaving the burning Troy. This new city was found under supernatural guidance and had a bright future in the West.
Palladium Idol of Athena that blessed the city of Troy. Was seized by the Greeks during the sack of Troy. Symbol of city falling.
Tenedos Island of present day Turkey. Was sacked by Achilles during the Trojan War.
Neoptolemus Son of Achilles and eventual husband of Helen. Killed in Delphi after demanding that Apollo atone for the death of Achilles.
Virgil Roman Poet. Wrote Eclogues, The Georgics, and Aeneid.
Lacoön Trojan priest who advised against accepting the Trojan horse. Was killed by snakes so no one took his advice seriously.
Sinon Greek liar. Persuaded the Trojans that the Trojan horse was a gift and should be taken into the city for he gods.
The Trojan Horse Trick left by Greeks to sack the city of troy. Filled with Greek soldiers.
Book 2 of the Aeneid Story of downfall of troy. Mainly the part about the Trojan horse.
Nostoi Poem that recounts the entire Trojan War and return of Greek leaders. Dactylic hexameter.
Ithaca, Greece Home of Odysseus.
Ulysses Roman version of Odysseus
Lotus-Eaters Tribe encountered by Odysseus. They ate plant that induced Odysseus’s’ men with blissfulness and forgetfulness.
Polyphemus Cyclopes whom was blinded by Odysseus while drunk
Aeolus Gave Odysseus a bag of wind.
Laestrygonians Cannibalistic giants that Odysseus encountered.
Circe Sun goddess who turned Odysseus’ men into swine. Odysseus persuaded her to change them back and stayed with her for a year.
Telemachus Son of Odysseus. Returned to Ithaca after his father and helped him slay the suitors of his mother Penelope.
Penelope Wife of Odysseus. Was loyal to him during his absence. Weaved a tapestry every day and unweaved it during the night and told suitors she wouldn’t remarry until it was completed.
Euryclea Wet nurse of Odysseus. Odysseus loved her but never consummated with her. First to recognize him as a begged with a scar.
Argus Had one hundred eyes. When killed by Hermes his eyes were transferred to Athena in the tail of the peacock.
Laertes Father of Odysseus. Penelope weaved a tapestry in his honor to subdue suitors and lived in the country.
Telegonus Son of Odysseus and Circe. He unknowingly kills his father with a spear tipped with the tail of a stingray, thus fulfilling the prophecy that Odysseus’ death would come from the sea.
Herakles Son of Zeus. 12 labors. Slayed the hydra.
Hercules Roman Herakles.
Alcides French name for Herakles
Amphitryon Husband of Alcmena and father figure for Zeus’ son Herakles.
Alcmena Wife of Amphitryon and mother of Herakles. Was raped by Zeus in disguise as her husband.
Eurystheus Twin brother of Herakles but fathered by Amphitryon. Since he was born first he became the king of Greece.
The Nemean Lion Invincible lion. Slayed by Herakles. Used its own paw to kill it. Herakles used its hind for a cloak.
The Lernaean Hydra Multihead sea monster. Killed by Herakles. Cauterized the headless nubs. Placed final invincible head under a rock.
Iolaus Half brother of Herakles and his assistant during his 12 labors.
The Cerynean Hind Herakles captured Artemis’ deer. It was said to be able to outrun an arrow.
The Erymanthian Boar Herakles captured a boar that laid waste to farmer’s fields. 4th labor.
The Augean Stables Stables Herakles clean by diverting two rivers to pass through it.
Parergon Side quests
The Stymphalian Birds Man eating birds that were pets of Ares. Herakles shot them with his poisoned arrows.
The Cretan Bull Bull driven mad destroying a city. Herakles wrestled it and gave it to King Minos.
The Mares of Diomedes Man eating horses that belonged to the giant Diomedes. Horses were tames when the fed on the corpse of Diomedes.
The Girdle of Hippolyta Herakles retrieved the girdle of the Amazonian Hippolyta
The Cattle of Geryon Herakles had to herd the largest group of cattle in the world. Geryon promised him a portion of the cattle. When he refused Herakles killed Geryon.
The Apples of the Hesperides Herakles got Atlas to retrieve the apples while he held the heavens. Herakles then tricked Atlas into taking the burden back.
Cerberus Three headed dog that watched the underworld.
Deïanira Was protected from a centaur attack by Herakles. Was told to save the centaur blood because if Herakles wore a garment with it on it Herakles would only love her.
Nessus Centaur that tried to violate Deianira but was shot by Herakles.
Iole Girl Herakles fell in love with. Deianira gave Herakles a cloak with the blood of Nessus but the poison was so powerful that it killed Herakles.
Perseus Killed medusa and saved Andromeda from a sea monster. Was cast into the sea as a baby and grew up on the island of Seriphus. Founded Mycenae.
Danaë Mother of Perseus. Wanted to be wed by the king of the island so he sent Perseus to retrieve the head of medusa hoping Perseus would be killed.
Andromeda Mother upset Poseidon and caused a flood and a sea monster. Persius killed the sea monster by showing it the head of medusa turning it into stone. Perseus fell in love with Andromeda
The Gorgons Winged female monsters. Medusa was one of three gorgons
Medusa A gorgon. Snakes for hair. As killed by Perseus. Her decapitated head turn whoever looked at it into stones.
Apotropaic Type of magic used to detour harm or evil. Like a good luck charm
Graeae Three ancient sea spirits. Shared one eye and a tooth between them.
Pegasus Horse with wings. Emerged from headless Medusa.
Autochthonous Indigenous people. Not from immigrants.
Cecrops Half human half snake. Instilled new rules for marriage and led the abolition of human sacrifice
Erichthonius Early ruler of Athens. Said to be born of the earth and raised by Athena.
Theseus Defeated criminals and monsters on his way to Athens. Killed the Minotaur on the island of Crete.
Minotaur Half bull half human.
Daedalus Built labyrinth of Crete for King Minos. When he lost favor he was imprisoned and created waxwings to escape Sicily.
Icarus Flew with his father Daedalus but perished when he fell into the ocean.
Centauromachy Battle of Centaur and humans. Centaurs became wild being unfamiliar with alcohol. Centaurs lost and were expelled from the land.
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