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What is the water cycle? The water cycle is the continuous movement of water from sources on Earth's surface.
Name and define the three steps to the water cycle. Evaporation- occurs when liquid water changes into water vapor, which is a gas. Condensation- occurs when water vapor cools and changes from a gas to a liquid. Precipitation- when rain/sleet/hail/snow fall to the ground.
What tool is used to measure relative humidity? Psychrometer
Explain how a wet build thermometer works. A bulb thermometer works as air passes over ,then the water in the cloth evaporates. As it evaporates, the cloth cools. If the humanity is low, it would had evaporated faster, but the thermometer will drop. (Opposite when humanity is high.)
What are the three basic cloud types? Give me a description of each of the three types. 1) Cumlus clouds 2) Stratus clouds 3) Cirrus clouds 1] They are puffy. 2] Blanket of gray. 3] Horses tail
At what altitude does an altostratus cloud form? 4,000 meters ⚠️
What are four the four main types of precipitation? Rain☔️ Snow❄️ Sleet Hail
What are four types of air mass that affect weather in North America? Maritime(m)- forms over water (wet, moist) Continental(c)- forms over land (dry) Polar(P)- forms in polar regions (cold) Tropical(T)- develops over tropics (warm)
What types of air mass contributes to the hot and humid summer in the Midwestern United States? Continental, Maritime
What kind of weather does a cold front bring? Rainy and bad weather ⚡️
What kind of weather does a warm front bring? Clear and good weather. ☀️
What type of weather would you expect on occluded front to produce? Lots of precipitation.
Describe the different types of weather that a cyclone and an anti-cyclone can produce. Cyclone- produces bad weather ( low pressure ) Anticyclone- clear weather ( high pressure )
What is a server thunderstorm? A server thunderstorms is usually brief, heavy storm that consist of rain, strong winds, lighting, and thunder
What are the three main types of a server weather? Tornado/ Hurricane/ Thunderstorms
What are other names for a hurricanes? typhoons and cyclones
Where do hurricanes get their energy? From the condensation of water vapor
How do meteorologist gather on atmospheric conditions above the Earth's surface? By satellite
What does a station modal represent? Small circle that shows the location of a weather station
What type of Instrument is used to measure air pressure? Barometer
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