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T4 Transportation

Motor veh used to transport prsns and designed to accommodate >10 passengers, incl operator OR MV not taxi designed/used to transport prsns for fee Bus
MV manufact in compliance w fed MV safety standards for school buses but doesnt have alternately flashing red lights or have stop arms. Used to transport students on school-rel activity trips other than routes to/from school. Multifunction School Activity Bus
Bus designed to accomm >15 pass incl driver, used by school district and used to transport students on school-rel activity trip, other than on routes to/from school School Activity Bus
MV that was manufact in compliance w fed MV safety standards for school buses and used to transport students to/from school or school-rel activity trip other than routes to/from school School bus
Veh wo motive power designed to be drawn by another and secure to other veh by pool/boom, and ordinarily used to transport long loads Pole Trailer
Veh w/wo motive power designed to be drawn by MV and transport prsn/prop and constructed so part of it's wt/load rest on another veh Semitrailer
Veh w/wo motive power designed to be drawn by MV and transport prsn/prop and constructed so no part of veh wt/load rests on MV Trailer
MV designed, used, or maintained primarily to transport property Truck
MV designed and used primarily to draw another veh but not constructed to carry load other than part of wt of other veh and it's load Truck Tractor
Respons prsn who is at least 18 yrs and is designatedby local authority to direct traffic in school crossing zone for protections of children going to or leaving school School Crossing Guard
In the Transportation Code, Director means Public Safety Director
Territory adjacent to & incl hwy if bldgs used for bus or indust, incl hotel, bank, office, RR station are located wi 600 ft segment along hwy and wi at least 300 ft seg oof frontage on 1 or both sides of hwy Business District
Territory adjacent to & incl hwy if @ least 30 ft of hwy frontage is primarily residences or bldgs used for bus and res Residence District
Territory adjacent to & incl hwy if territory not in municipality and structures used for bus, industry, or dwelling houses and located at intervals <100 ft for a dist of @ least 1/4 mile on either side of hwy Urban District
FD/PO veh, Pub/Priv ambulance op by prsn w lice, emerg veh has been designed/auth by gov body, Private Veh when respond to emerg, Veh transport blood/drugs/med/organs Authorized Emergency Vehicle
Area that contains @ least 1 municipality with pop of @ least 100,000 and incl adjacent municipalities & unincorp urban districts Metropolitan Area
___ device prsn rides and propelled by human power and has 2 tandem wheels, 1 which is > than ___ in in diameter Bicycle. >14inches
MV designed & used primarily as farm implement to draw an implement of husbandry, inc plow or mowing machine Farm Tractor
Veh designed & adapted for use as farm implement, machinery, or tool for tilling soil Implements of Husbandry
Motor-driven cycle that cannot attain speed of >30 mph in 1 mile, Engine has <=2-brake, <=50cc Moped
MV equipped w motor of <=250cc Motor-Driven Cycle
MC equipped with rider's saddle & designed to have <= 3 wheels on ground Motorcycle
Self-propelled veh or veh propelled by electric from overhead trolley wires Motor Vehicle
Device that can be used to transport or draw prsns/prop on hwy Vehicle
MV used to transport prsns & designed to accommodate =<10 pass incl op Passenger Car
Bicycle designed to be propelled by electric motor, exclusively or in combo w human power, Cannot go faster than 20mph wo human power, Doesn't wt >100lbs Electric Bicycle
What are considered Special Mobile Equipment Not designed to transport prsns/prop and only oper on hwy. Ditchdigging app, Boring app, Rd construc/maint machinery (Bucket loader, Tractor, Ditcher, Finishing Mach, Scarifier, Power shovel, Dragline, Self-propelled Crane)
Portion of rdway designated as pedestrian crossing by surface marking incl lines or portion of rdwy @ intersect thats wi connections of lat lines of sidewalks on opp sides of hwy measured from curbs or from edges of traversable rdwy Crosswalk
Reduced speed zone designed on st by local author to facilitate safe crossing of st by children going to/leaving school d time the reduced speed limit applies School Crossing Zone
Crosswalk designated on St by local autho to facilitate safe crossing of st by children going to/leaving school School Crosswalk
Area in rdwy officially designated for exclusive pedestrian use and thats protected or marked by signs as to be visible @ all times while so designated Safety Zone
Width bt boundary lines of publicly maintained way any part of which is open to public for veh travel Highway or Street
Divided, controlled-access hwy for through traffic Freeway
Portion of hwy that's improved, designed used for veh travel. Roadway
Rdwy thats divided into @ least 2 clearly marked lanes for veh travel Laned Roadway
Fwy lane having uninterrupted flow of through traffic Freeway Main Lane
Hwy or Rdwy which prsns have no right of access & access to enter/exit hwy/rdwy is restricted Limited-Access or Controlled-Access Hwy
Portion of hwy thats adjacent to Rdwy, used for parking, disting from rdway by diff design or marking & not intended for normal veh travel Shoulder
Paved shoulder Improved Shoulder
Portion of st thats bt curb or lat line of rdwy & adjacent prop line & intended for pedestrian use Sidewalk
Common area at junction of 2 hwys other than junction of an alley & hwy Intersection
Flammable liquid means a liq that has flash point of _____ as determined by a Tagliabue or equivalent closed-cup test device. <= 70 Degrees F
Wt of veh and wt of its load Gross Vehicle Weight
Injury to any part of human body and that req treatment Personal injury
To stand an occupied/unoccupied veh, other than temporarily while loading or unloading merchandise or passengers. Park or Parking
To halt an occupied or unoccupied veh, or than temporarily while loading or unloading merchandise or passengers. Stand or Standing
To completely cease movement and when prohibited, to halt, incl momentarily halting, an occupied or unoccupied veh unless necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or to comply with directions of PO or traffic control sign/signal Stop or Stopping
A device designed for transport of prsn with physical disability that has 3 or more wheels, is propelled by batt-powered motor, only 1< fwd gear, and is not capable of speeds exceeding 8mph Motorized Mobility Device (Sec 542.009 Oper of Certain Mobility Devices)
Hwy or portion of hwy on which veh traffic is given preferential right-of-way and veh traffic entering from an intersecting hwy is req by law to yield right-of-way in compliance with official traffic device Through Highway
If an offense is committed in a construction or maint work zone when workers are present, the min fine is ____ and the max fine is ____. Min fine is twice the min fine if it were committed outside work zone. Max fine is twice the max fine if it were committed outside work zone. (542.404)
If failure by oper to yield R of way to another veh and accident occurred, the offense is punishable by a fine of ____ if prns other than oper suffered BI. If prns other than oper suffered SBI, then fine is ____. Between $500-$2000. Between $1,000-$4,000. (542.4045)
Prsn Arrested to be taken before Mag - Prns arrested for misd shall be immediately taken a mag if charged with ____ in the even of an accident causing ____ or prsn demands ____ or ____ to make a written promise to appear. Failure to Stop. Property damage. Immediate appearance a mag. (543.002)
Notice to Appear Req: Prsn Not Taken a Mag - PO who arrests prsn and doesn't take prsn a mag shall: Issue written notice to appear in court, incl time/place, offense charges, name/add of prsn charged and license # (543.003)
Not to Appear Req: Cert Offenses - PO shall issue a written notice to appear if offense charged is for ____ or ___. Speeding or Open Container (543.004)
Prsn arrested must make a written promise to appear in court by: Signing the write notice (543.005)
Time and Place of Appear - The time specified in the notice to appear must be ___ after the date of arrest unless the prsn arrested demands an earlier hearing. At least 10 days after (543.006)
A violation by an officer of a provision of SEc 543.003-.007 is considered: Misconduct in office and officer is subject to removal from officer's position. (543.008)
A prsn may comply with a writen promise to appear in court by ___. A prsn who wilfully violates a written promise to appear in court, commits a ____. Appearance by counsel. Commits a misd re of disposition of the charge prsn was arrested for. (543.009)
The complaint or notice to appear on speeding charge must specify: Min or max speed limit at the location and speed which defendant was driving. (543.010)
When PO stops or issues Not2App for viol of Possession of AB in MV, Intox Assault, or Intox Manslaughter and shows DL or claims immunities, POshall deliver record to LEA. LEA will contact US DofST to verify prsn's status and: Send a copy of any notice to appear issued, any accident report prepared, or written report of incident, no later than 5th working day after date of stop/issuance of notice to appear. (543.011)
A prsn may not place or maintain a flashing light or flashing electric sign within ___ of an intersection except under permit issued by TTC Within 1,000 ft of an intersection (544.006)
Can a prsn on private property adjacent to a hwy can place a sign that gives useful directional information and that cannot be mistaken for an official sign. Yes (544.006)
A traffic-control signal displaying diff colored lights/arrows successively or in combo may display only _____ and applies to operators of veh. Display only Green, Yellow, Red (544.007)
Oper facing green arrow, may _____ to move in the direction permitted by arrow. Cautiously Enter the intersection (544.007)
Oper @ steady red signal shall ____ at _____. In absence of stop line, op shall ____. After stopping, standing until intersect may be entered safely, op may turn ____ . Stop @ clearly marked stop line. Stop a entering crosswalk on near side of intersection. Turn L if intersecting streets are both 1-way streets & L turn is permissible. (544.007)
MV that's equip c seats for use of rider and passengers, to transport passengers, propel itself with 4+ tires, designed by manufact for off-hwy use by operator only, not riding lawn mower Recreational off-hwy veh (663.001)
MV that's equip c seats for use of rider and a passenger, to transport passenger, propel itself with 3 or 4 tires, designed by manufact for off-hwy use by operator only, not riding lawn mower All-terrain Vehicle (663.001)
Prsn <14yo old operating all-terrain veh must be: Accompanied by and under direct supervision of Parent/Guard or adult authorized by prns's parent/guard (663.032)
Req Equip; Display of lights - All-terrain veh operated on public prop must have: Brake system, Adequate muffler system, Spark arrester, and display headlights and taillights d daytime and any time when visibility is reduced (663.033)
Req Equip; Display of lights - Prsn may not operate all-terrain veh on pub prop or beach if: Veh has modified exhaust system or spark arrester has been removed or modified (663.033)
Safety Cert Req - Prsn may not operate all-terrain veh on pub prop or beach unless prsn: Hold safety cert, Taking safety training course, Under direct superv of adult who holds cert. (663.031)
When can you carry a passenger on All-Terrain veh? Only when it's designed by manufacturer to transport a passenger. (663.036)
Oper of All-Terrain veh may drive across public st, rd, or hwy that's not interstate or limited access hwy, if oper: Comes to a complete stop before crossing, Yields RofW, & Crosses @ 90 degree angle to rdwy (straight across) @ place where no obstruction & w veh's headlights/taillights on. (663.037)
Where can oper of All-Terrain veh may drive across divided hwy? Only at intersection of hwy w another public st, rd, or hwy (663.037)
Oper of All-Terrain veh may drive on public st, rd, or hwy that's not interstate or limited access hwy, if: Transportation in connection w production, care, handling, selling or use of agricultural products, Util Work, Op has 8ft pole w orange triangular flag, Head/taillights on, Valid DL, Driving during daytime, and Doesn't go further than 25 mi (663.037)
Condition in which prsn has: Mobility probs that substantially impairs prns's ability to ambulate. <=20/200 vision. >20/200 vision but limited field of vision which widest diameter of visual field subtends an angle of <=20 degrees Disability (681.001)
Prsn can't walk 200 ft wo stopping to rest, can't walk wo use of assistance, can't walk wo wheelchair, uses port O2, restricted by lung/hrt/arthritic/neuro/ortho condition, or has another debilitating condition that limits/impairs prsn's ability to walk. Mobility Prob that Substantially impairs a prsn's ability to Ambulate (681.001)
System consists of camera & veh sensor installed to work with an electrically operated traff-contr signal & capable of producing 1+ recorded images that depict license plate attached to MV that's not operated in compliance w instructions of traff-cont sig Photographic Traffic Monitoring System
Image that depicts a MV and is automatically recorded on photograph or digital image Recorded Image
Mounting of front wheels of trailing veh on bed of another veh while leaving rear wheels only of trailing veh in contact w rdw Triple Saddle-Mount Method
Passenger car, light truck SUV, passenger van designed to transport <= 15 passengers, incl driver, truck or truck tractor Passenger Vehicle
Use of 1+ veh in attempt to: Outgain/outdistance another veh or prevent another veh from passing, Arrive @ given destination ahead of another veh(s), or test physical stamina or endurance of oper over a long-distance driving Race
Mounting of front wheels of trailing vehicles on bed of another veh while leaving the rear wheels only on the trailing veh in contact w rdwy Triple saddle-mount method
Ratio of amt of light that passes through a material to the amt of light that falls on material and glazing Light transmission
MV designed to carry <=10 pass and constructed on truck chassis or special features for occasional off-rd use Multipurpose Veh
MV designed to operate @ max speed of 25 mph or less. Veh, implement of husbandry, or machinery that it towed by MV w max speed of <=25 mph Slow-moving Veh
Film, material or device that meets the dept's standards for reducing effects of sun Sunscreening Device
Sys, part, or dev that's manufact as orig or replacement equip or as veh accessory or device manufact to protect passengers Vehicle Equipment
MV or device that's adapted or used to winch or move a disabled veh Tow Truck
A feature that's installed in MV that records: Speed & dir veh traveling, Loc, Steering, Brake when applied, If seat belt is on, Transmits crash info Recording Device
Equip designed to interfere with radar or laser device used to measure speed of MV by LEA Radar Interference Device
Self-propelled or towed veh w GWR of >26,000 lbs, veh used to transport >15 pass incl driver Commercial Motor Vehicle (548.001)
Individ, assoc, corpo that controls, operates, or directs operation of 1+ veh that transport prsn/cargo over rd hwy Motor Carrier
Prsn who holds legal title to MV, purchaser or lessee of MV, Mortgagor of VM whos is entitled to possession of veh Owner
Authorization issued by dept for operation of MV. Temp, permit, occupational. Driver's License
New resident has ___ before they must get a DL in this state. They must be __ yo and have a DL. 90 days. 16 yo. (Sec 521.029)
If prsn convicted of driving wo a DL for this state, prsn must prove by ____ that prsn has not resided in this state for ___. Preponderane of Evidence. Not more than 90 days. (Sec 521.029)
Prsn has ___ to give notice of a change of address or name change. 30 days (Sec 521.054)
Prsn w a Class _ lic can operate veh w Gros Veh Wt Rating > 26,000lbs, Towing veh w GVWR of <10,000lbs or farm trailer w GVWR of <20,000, Bus seating >=24 passengers Class B DL (Sec 521.081)
Class ___ DL allows prns to drive veh w GVWR < 26,001 lbs towing farm trailer w GVWR < 20,000 lbs Class C DL (Sec 521.081)
MV equip w seats for rider/pass, Designed to propel itself w 3 or more tires, Designed for off-hwy use, <=50" wide, Not design for lawn care All-Terrain Vehicle (502.001, 663.001)
Veh designed & used primarily as a farm veh Farm Semitrailer or Farm Trailer (502.001)
Travel bt: Farms, Store or storage & farm, Farm & mrkt, Operate Temporarily on Hwy (502.001)
MV equip w seats for rider/pass, Designed to propel itself w 4+ tires, Designed for off-hwy use by operator only, Not design for lawn care Recreational off-hwy veh (502.001)
Veh designed for mowing RofW on public hwy or MV designed for drawing another veh or load & not to carry an independent load or part of wt of veh & load to be drawn Road tractor (502.001)
2 non-tandem wheeled device designed for transporting 1 prsn, self-balancing * propelled by electric propulsion syst w avg power of ___ watt or __ horsepower Electric Perssonal Assistive Mobility Device. 750 watts. 1 horsepower (551.201)
Veh can attain max speed of 25 mph on paved surface Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (551.201)
Self-prop dev w @ least 2 wheels in contact w ground, braking system, gas/elec motor not exceeding 40 cc, a deck for prsn to sit/stand, ability to be propel by human power alone Motor-assisted Scooter (551.351)
Self-propelled veh that's equipped w electric motor of < 50 cc, designed to propel itself with <=2 wheels on ground, seat/saddle, not designed for hwy Pocket bike or Minimotorbike (551.351)
Standard proof of MV liability insurance must incl: All insurer's names & adds, Policy #, Policy period, Policy limits, Make & model of ea veh (601.081)
MV that's @ least 10 yo and is condition only to be junked, crushed, or dismantled Abandoned nuisance vehicle (683.001)
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