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Intro To Rock Test 3

songs, artists, and dates

Papa's Got a Brand New Bag 1965-James Brown
What's Going On 1971-Marvin Gaye
Thank You (Flettinme Be Mice Elf Again) 1970-Sly and the Family Stone
Superstition 1972-Stevie Wonder
Tear the Roof Off This Sucker (Give Up the Funk) 1976-Parliament
Stayin Alive 1977-Beegees
Bad Girls 1979-Donna Summer
Good Times 1979-Chic
Rapper's Delight 1979-Sugar Hill Gang
The Message 1982-Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Hot Love 1971-T-Rex
Suffragette City 1972-David Bowie
Blitzkrieg Bop 1976-The Ramones
Anarchy in the UK 1977-Sex Pistols
Know Your Rights 1982-The Clash
Radio,Radio 1978-Elvis Costello
Love Will Tear Us Apart 1980-Joy Division
The Charming Man 1983-The Smiths
Billie Jean 1982-Michael Jackson
Like a Virgin 1984-Madonna
1999 1982-Prince
What's Love Got to Do With It 1984-Tina Turner
Born in the USA 1984-Bruce Springsteen
Graceland 1986-Paul Simon
Sledgehammer 1986-Peter Gabriel
Don't Stand So Close to Me 1980-The Police
Created by: cpao225
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