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Unit 9

Chinese Vocab

zuìjìn 最近 lately, recently
diǎn 最近 hour
bàn 半 half
láo jià 劳驾 Excuse me.
fēn 分 minute
gūniang 姑娘 miss
chà 差 to be less than, to be short of
yuànyì 愿意 to be willing
néng 能 to be able
shíhou 时喉 time, moment
xiàbān 下班 to be off duty, to get off work
xíng 行 That's OK.
dào 到 to arrive at
chī 吃 to eat
wǎnfàn 晚饭 supper, dinner
kāishǐ 开始 to start
xùnliàn 训练 to train
xiānsheng 先生 Mr.
qǐ chuáng 起床 to get up
yǐhòu 以后 later, after
shuì jiào 睡觉 to sleep
zhème 这么 so
shàng bān 上班 to go to work
jiā bān 加班 to work overtime
zǒnggōngsī 总公司 head office
xiàng 项 measure word
zhòngyào 重要 important
bùyídìng 不一定 not sure
yǒushíhou 有时侯 sometime, occasionally
xīngqīwǔ 星期五 Friday
yǒu kòngr 有空儿 to be free
zàishuō 再说 We won't decide at the moment
yídìng 一定 Certainly
dāngrán 当然 of course, surely
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