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soc ch 21

soc ch 20

Cohort People born at the same time
Who came up with the Malthusian Theory? Thomas R. Malthus.
What is the malthusian theory? population grows faster than the subsistence needed to keep it alive
What can this theory predict for the future? Famine
In what way of increase does pop grow? Exponentially
What are 3 things that keep the pop in check? Famine, war, and disease
Example of a preventive check for the pop. Abstinence
What did malthus fail to see? advancement of farmland, medicine, and contraceptives
Demographic Transition theory countries pass through pop patterns that are linked to a technology, ending in birthrate being low.
How many stages are there in pop change? 3
1st stage High birthrate, high death rate. (colonial times where women had 13 children but also had high death rate due to tech in medicine)
2nd stage High birthrate, declining death rate. Increases the pop. (industrial times were healthier, while people had 13 kids anyway)
3rd stage low birthrate, low death rate. Causes pop to stabilize.
Criticism on the demographic transition theory Based one countries of white majority and is ethnocentric.
What is rational choice theory People are capable of choosing the number of children and what to do.
Human ecology definition The study of dependencies that exist between people and their environment. (plants need carbon dioxide and humans need oxygen)
Human ecosystem A system of parts where people interact with each other in an environment.
two most important things about an ecosystem Resources are limited and one thing effects everything.
thermal pollution When pollution affects the temperature and starts killing things.
Environmental racism Dumping shiz where there is a high concentration of minorities
Why isn't the poor environment being saved? Bc companies are worried they'll lose money
Created by: Chelseagirl2508