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sociology ch 20

medicare old people
medicaid disabled, poor, welfare
Functionalist view on health care health care is delivered to an entire nation. Government is connected to health care and and with scientific medicine
Conflict theory on health care Minorities, poor, and old have less access to health care. Likelihood sickness is greater with some people. Rising costs for health care
Symbolic Interaction and Health Care illness can be viewed as good or bad. Doctors treat patients like children.
Epidemiology study of biological, social, economic, and cultural factors of disease.
social epidemiology the effects of social, cultural, temporal, and regional factors in disease and health.
what are some examples of men and women being affected by social factors that may cause sickness. bulimia for women and steroids for men. Smoking, AIDS/STD's, disability, mental illness
Euthanasia Act of killing someone out of mercy so they can stop suffering
HMO Healthcare Maintenance Organization. They provide control of costs for a set fee.
What are issues with America's health care? Rising costs, malpractice
Holistic medicine A person's mental or physical state affecting their health care. Like if a person goes vegan to become healthy. Tribal tea.
What's managed health care? Individuals are able to choose physicians but their plan would be managed to find the lowest price possible.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508