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sociology ch 19

What are the 3 types of authority and who came up with it? Max Weber: Traditional, charismatic, and rationallegal
Traditional long lived patterns that give people power in a society (king or monarch)
Charismatic personal appeal of the leader draws power over others (John F Kennedy)
Rational-legal Rules and regulations
What did Weber think about these? Rational-legal would become increasingly more common
What are the 3 types of governments? Democracy, monarchy, dictatorship
democracy United states. people have the right to vote
monarchy authority is inherited and there is one head that rules for life. England
dictatorship one leader who acquired power by force. Iraq
How is the united state's voter turn outs? One of the lowest. We suck. Less than half the people vote
What are the strongest 4 indications of whether someone will vote or not? age, income, education, class
What fraction of young people vote? 1/3
What party is the upper class most likely to vote for? Republican
Which people are most likely to vote? rich and middle-class white people
which minority is largely democratic? Cuban americans
If a person is white, what ethnicity are they most likely to vote for? White person
What does the gender gap entail between women and men when voting? Women more are peace-seeking, want to give money to disabled, and are more liberal on many views.
Created by: Chelseagirl2508