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Greek Vocab

Koine Greek Vocab

ονομα Name
απεσταλην I was sent
εγγιζω I draw near
ειρηκα I have said
ευρεθην I was found
εγνωκα I have known
πνευμα Spirit, Wind, Breath
Αποστολος Apostle
ωφθην I was seen
σωμα Body
πολλακις Often time, Many times.
ειδον I saw
ετερος other, different
ακηκοα I have heard
ηχθην I was led
τεθνηκα I have died
γεγονα I have become
εγενηθην I became
αιων, αιωνος Age, world
κεφαλη Head
σπερμα seed, offspring
ρημα word
σαρξ flesh
στομα mouth
γυνη, ψυναικος Woman, wife
θελημα will
ηλθον I came, I went
εγραφην I was written
ηνεχθην I was brought
εγηγερμαι I have been raised up
ηγερθην I was raised up
αρχων, αρχουτος Ruler
νυξ, νυκτος Night
ανδροσ, ανηρ Man, Husband
εωπακα I have seen
ελημφθην I was taken
οψομαι I will see
εβληθην I was thrown, or cast out.
ειπον I said
αιμα blood
εως Until
ουπω Not Yet
πως how
εληλυθα I have come, I have gone.
εκβαλλω I cast out.
εγνωσθην I was known
πεποιθα I trusted
ηνεγα I carried
φαγομαι I will eat
εφαγον I ate
εφυγον I fled
ηγαγον I led
πεποιθα I have persuaded
συνηγαγον I gathered
ηθελησα I wished
ακηκοα I have heard
οιδα I know
κεκρινα I have judged
εισηλθον I went into
επορευθην I went
ηχθην I was led
επειεσθην I was persuaded
σεσωκα I have saved
αυτης hers
εκεινͅη to that, fem sing dat
νμων ours 1st pl gen.
εκεινης of that sing fem gen
ημας us 1st pl ac
αυτο it 3rd sing neut nom/acc
αυτας Them 3rd pl fem acc
τουτͅω To This masc/neu sing dat
τουτους These masc pl acc
αυτον Him 3rd msc sin acc
αυτοις to them 3rd masc/neu pl dat
αυτη She 3rd fem sing nom
εκεινοι These masc pl nom
τουτοις To these masc/neu pl dat
σοι to you 2nd sing dat
τουτων of these fem pl gen
υμας you 2nd pl masc
ταυτας These fem pl acc
υμεις you 2nd pl neu
τουτου of this masc/neu sing gen
εκεινα these neu pl nom/acc
εκειναις to these fem pl dat
εμου, μου mine 1st sing gen
εγω I 1st sing nom
ταυτης of these fem sing gen
ημιν to us, for us 1st pl dat
εκειναι Those fem pl nom
εκεινοις to those masc pl dat
αυτην her 3rd fem sing acc
εκεινος that masc sing nom
αυτη she fem sing nom
τουτον this masc sing acc
αυτοι they 3rd pl masc nom
ημεις We 1st pl nom
αυτα They 3rd neut pl nom/acc
ουτοι These masc pl nom
συ you 2nd sing nom
εκεινη that fem sing nom
σε you 2nd sing acc
σου yours 2nd sing gen
ταυταις to these fem pl dat
εμοι, μοι to me, for me 1st sing dat
αυτων theirs 3rd masc/fem/neut pl gen
εκεινας fem pl acc
αυτͅω to him, to it 3rd sing masc/neut dat
εμε, με me 1st sing acc
εκεινͅω to that masc/neu sing dat
αυτͅη to her, for her
εκείνου of that masc/neu sing gen
υμῶν of you 2nd pl gen
υμῖν to you, for you 2nd pl dat
ταύτην this fem sing acc
έκεὶνων of those masc/fem/neu pl gen
τοῦτο this neu sing nom/acc
αῦται these fem pl nom
αύτοῦ its, his 3rd sing neu/masc gen
έκεῖνον that masc sing acc
οῦτος this masc sing nom
αύτος He masc 3rd sing nom
αύταὶ They 3rd fem pl nom
εκὶνους those masc pl acc
εκεὶνην that fem sing acc
εκεῖνο that neut sing nom/acc
ταῦτα these neu pl nom/acc
ταύτͅη to this, for this fem sing dat
αύτοὺς them3rd pl masc acc
Created by: RandyBradley
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